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Apple Proposes New Campus in Cupertino

Thursday, June 9th, 2011 | Author:

Steve Jobs wasn’t done presenting after he finished the WWDC Keynote on Monday. The next day, at the Cupertino City Council meeting, Steve presented Apple’s plans for a second campus on the office park they purchased down the road from One Infinite Loop.

You might say that the design is “out of this world” as many would attest that Apple’s new building (which is being designed to hold over 12,000 people) looks a little bit like a flying saucer.

However, that’s not all of it. Apple’s new campus will:

  • have all curved glass, manufactured using the same process they do for their stores.
  • increase the amount of “green space” on the lot from 1.7 million square feet to 5.9 million square feet. Currently, much of the land is covered in asphalt for parking.
  • nearly double the amount of trees in the campus from 3700 to 6000, including an apricot orchard. (apparently, more of a native tree than a Macintosh orchard would be, though it doesn’t make nearly as good a pun…)
  • reduce surface parking from 9800 spots to 1200 spots by putting most of the parking underground or in a single parking facility.
  • will generate its own electricity (HA! We’ve been doing that for years!), and only rely on Cupertino’s electrical grid as a backup.
  • will have its own auditorium for presentations like the WWDC keynote and the various other product announcements they have a year.

If all goes to Apple’s plans, they’ll break ground as early as next year and be moved in by 2015.

For a full video of Jobs’ presentation, the Cupertino City Council has posted it up on YouTube.

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    1. MacRat says:

      “will generate its own electricity”

      From a natural gas generator. :-(

      Why not also use solar and wind?

      • OWC Grant says:

        Dunno MacRat…maybe Cupertino city limits have ordinances on wind turbines….and perhaps one wouldn’t be enough for their operation.

        On the solar…maybe some of their needs will be met by such….knowing Mr. Jobs…whatever they do will be the best, coolest, more revolutionary….heck…just watching the presentation to the city board, felt like a product demo! ;-)

        Cool design though for sure…

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