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OWC Radio #57 – There’s a Lion on the Horizon

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011 | Author: , , and

Apple’s newest operating system, OS X Lion is due out this month and we’re waiting in anticipation of how it will be received by consumers. With the mixed reactions to iCloud and the almost unanimous discontent with Final Cut Pro X, one can’t help but be curious as to whether the OS will bring together the pride or make some feel like the prey. Additional topics include Fair Use & Copyright infringement, Blu-ray playback in OS X, does your 4g wireless measure up, and much more!

OWC Radio is a monthly, forum-based podcast focused on the events and happenings in the Mac community. This week’s hosts are: OWC Grant, OWC Chris S., and OWC Mike H.

Links from the show:

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    1. m3kw says:

      I predict is going to be a nice update. A lot of features are very minor interface changes.

      -Mission Control is a nice update, you can even say is justn an alternative way to see your apps. Leopard was really the revolution in that regard.
      -New Gestures are pretty minor as many 3rd apps does that (betterTouchTools), however, tap to zoom is the major one.
      -Full screen apps are really a gimmick. If you had made the dock autohide, and increased the windows to maximum, it is almost exactly the same as full screen. I use betterSnapTool to make them “full screen”. The dock really takes up a lot of useful space.
      -The biggest thing about Lion is the Versions and restarting with all your programs at exact same state.
      -AirDrop sounds cool, but need to see how it works, but it only works with Macs/Macbooks so far.
      -Overall all the 250+ updates will make it look like a more expensive upgrade then the 29.99 you will pay, IF you are a power user. Otherwise it is a fair upgrade for most people.

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