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New 2012 Macs Means New OWC SSD Designs

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 | Author:

In my earlier post, I mentioned that the new 2012 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 15″ Retina machines are now using two new, different SSD slot designs/connectors not used previously. Here’s a few pictures of the new connectors, compared to the one previously used.


While our current Aura Pro Express SSDs are NOT compatible with these new machines, we ARE full steam ahead on bringing new models to market that will feature these new connectors.

Of course, the other new MacBook Pros announced yesterday, the 13″ and 15″ non-Retina Display models, will continue to utilize traditional 2.5″ SATA SSDs like our Mercury Electra 6G and Mercury Extreme Pro 6G. You can also install a couple of hard disk drives using the OWC Data Doubler (up to 1TB each) for a 2TB total…and if that’s your magic capacity number….here’s a future product teaser….with the OWC Data Doubler, you’ll  soon be able to hit that level of internal storage capacity with OWC SSDs!

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    1. Varun says:

      Is the OWC Envoy SSD enclosure for the MacBook Air 2012 backwards compatible with the 2010/2011 MacBook Air SSD? I need to retrieve data from two liquid spilled MacBook Airs 2010 and 2012 models. Will I need two separate Envoy SSD enclosures? TIA.

    2. Rune says:

      Do you have a SSD to USB connector for the 2012 Macbook Air?

    3. Tim says:

      Do you currently have an adapter for the the mid-2012 MacBook Air SSD to sata? For bare drive recovery of data.

    4. Tan says:

      Hi, may i know 2012 macbook pro retina SSD same use for Imac 2012 slim to built SSD Fusion Drive?

    5. Jose says:

      Hi, when come out new mercury extreme pro ssd 6gb with 1 tb ???

    6. Luís Elgueta says:

      Please tell me if the MacBook Air 2012 11.6″ uses the NEW SSd conector or use the oíd one, same as the 2011?
      Thank you, very much.


    7. RR says:

      Just wondering, based on the time frame that OWC experienced with bringing out SSD’s for previous generations of MacBook Air’s, what really approximate time-frame are we looking at for getting OWC SSD’s for the 2012 MBP’s?

    8. Steve says:

      How do you get the 2tb in the macbook pro? I only see up to 1TB on your site.

      • OWC Michael says:

        Good catch – I think Grant had Data Doubler on the brain when he wrote that. If you use two 1.0TB hard drives (one in the main bay, and one via the optical bay with a Data Doubler installed) then you get up to 2.0TB.

    9. Matthew says:

      Wonder how much the 1TB SSDs will cost?

      If they go for about five hundred it’d probably be worth upgrading from my 256GB OWC SSD, I guess.

      • Matt says:

        Try will over a grand, possibly in the 2k arena. A 480 Mercury Electra 3G runs at 580. The higher you g0, the more expensive and complicated it is to cram that architecture together. Remember, the smaller the more expensive haha.

    10. Michael says:

      Great you tease new SSD capacities ;)

    11. Josh says:

      Which Macbook Air SSDs will the Aura Envoy be compatible with?

    12. Harry says:

      It looks like mini PCIe connector. Could you check if it is or not?

    13. DonH says:

      Is your current OWC Data Doubler compatible with new 2012 MacBook(non-retina) Pros?

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