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OWC Radio #65 – WWDC, MacBook Air, Pro, Retina, and the Mac Pro Debacle

Monday, July 16th, 2012 | Author:

OWC RadioNow that we’ve had some good time to assess the announcements from WWDC it’s time to talk about the upgrades. Is MacBook Pro with Retina really a “pro” Mac or not? What the heck is going on with Mac Pro, and why did Apple do what they did?

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    1. MacRat says:

      Keep in mind that most owners of the Retina MacBook Pro won’t care about adding memory or even understand.

      I’m run into many professional graphic designers and business professionals in the computer industry who complain about how slow their new MacBook Pro is and give me a blank stare when I ask them if they are still using the base memory which I find out they are. They have no idea that you can upgrade the more recent MacBook Pros to 8GB or 16GB of memory.

      • OWC Mike H. says:

        Hiya MacRat!
        Yup very true. We’ll keep spreading the word to help people make their computing experience a better one though. Sounds like you try to help others in that regard too.

    2. Cam says:

      Excellent podcast, very informative and insightful. The video podcasts are really good too and have been very helpful when upgrading my Mac. Much appreciated.

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