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iPhone iOS 6 Passbook ‘Can’t connect to iTunes’

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012 | Author:

Many users are reporting problems when trying to use Passbook to get applications. A can’t connect error is reported. Apparently sometimes this is fixed by turning off automatic time and moving the date forward a year. Ok… Didn’t work for me.

But – we can avoid all that! You don’t need any ‘fix’ for this.

Having had encountered that error with passbook, I thought I was stuck – that had to download special apps via the passbook link. That is not the case at all.

You may already have Passbook enabled apps! They are just standard apps that have added the capability to support passbook. Can download them all the same as well via the iTunes store.

I am flying on American Airlines today and I already have been a user of the AA app. Today when I went to check my boarding pass, it gave me the option to add it. I clicked to do so and Voila! My boarding pass is now in Passbook!

Some apps will ask you if you want to use/enable use of passbook and apps like AA let you push to passbook with a click.

Bottom line is that you can use/download apps right from the app store as needed and those that support it – they just work.

Apple could have had a little more information for when you first open Passbook. That you have a link in there to get ‘passbook’ apps… that then errors out – that confused things further. But – now off to the races. :)

hope this helps

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