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OWC Announces Memory Upgrades For New 2012 Apple Mac mini Models

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 | Author:

Other World Computing announced today the immediate ordering availability of OWC DDR3L 1600MHz Memory Upgrades for all new 2012 Mac mini models announced by Apple yesterday. OWC Memory Upgrade Kits offer owners of the newest Macintosh mini models RAM savings of up 61 percent on comparable sized memory upgrades; as well as a memory configuration not available from the factory.

OWC Memory Upgrades for 2012 Mac mini 2.3GHz, 2.5GHz, or 2.6GHz Intel i5 or i7 models:

Replaces existing factory installed 2 x 2GB memory modules with 8GB total memory at 50 percent lower cost vs. same sized factory 8GB option costing $100 

Replaces existing factory installed 2 x 2GB memory modules with 12GB total memory. This kit offers 50 percent more RAM at 14 percent lower cost vs. factory 8GB option costing $100.

Upgrade not available as a factory option.

Replaces existing factory installed 2 x 2GB memory modules with 16GB total memory at 61 percent lower cost vs. same sized factory 16GB option costing $300.

Additional money savings versus factory options are available for customers who take advantage of OWC’s memory trade-in rebate program, which offers up to $20.00 cash back for Apple factory memory modules. OWC Memory Upgrades are fully tested and certified to meet, if not surpass, all Apple memory design and compatibility specifications and come backed by a Lifetime Replacement Warranty and free, step-by-step installation videos

OWC Offers More Memory Choices for OS X Mountain Lion Users

While Apple’s official minimum RAM requirement for OS X Mountain Lion is 2GB, industry experts agree 4GB of RAM is the minimum that should be installed for optimum performance of typical daily computer usage. For more advanced uses such as graphics production, A/V editing, and/or running a virtual machine, 8GB to 16GB of RAM is highly recommended.


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    1. Joey Marcelo says:

      I’ll be going to Taiwan. Do you have a reseller here? Can you give me the address and contact information?

    2. JY says:


      would like to know if OWC has a reseller in Singapore, or Taiwan?

      thanks so much.


    3. Michael says:

      I know you folks offer some great handy work for the iMacs, but would you consider doing the hard drive upgrades for the Minis? Seems people who might consider buying the SSD drives from you or other, would find it an advantage to get the drives put in and an OWC coverage of sorts. Just a thought.

      On another note, I don’t know the specifications for the SSD offering for the Airbook but seems if they are small enough, it might be possible with appropriate adapter/chipset to get 4 of those in a Mini. Hmmmm I just wish my eyes were as good as they used to be (grin).

    4. Travis says:

      The CPU in the Mac mini is capable of addressing up to 32GB of RAM – http://ark.intel.com/products/64891/Intel-Core-i7-3720QM-Processor-6M-Cache-up-to-3_60-GHz – but, obviously, 16GB DDR3-1333 or DDR3-1600 SO-DIMMs aren’t currently available. Is there any credible information about whether such a density (1x16GB SO-DIMM PC12800) is even feasible, much less in the pipeline for the future?

      • OWC Michael says:

        We are hoping to see the 16GB density reached under DDR3. While it may certainly be feasible, there is definitely going to be a good bit of waiting still to see.

        • jamesdh says:

          Any further word yet Michael on if 16GB dimms are on the horizon? There definitely seems to be a growing number of users (especially those using these things as servers) who would be willing to fork over the cash for such bad boys!

          • OWC Michael says:

            Nothing new to report. Really haven’t seen any activity yet on support for that density on a single SoDIMM.

    5. David says:

      I’m somewhat confused by this announcement. OWC is saying that the late 2012 Mac Mini uses DDR3L-1600 memory, where the “L” means “low voltage”, in this case 1.35 V instead of the standard 1.5 V for DDR3.

      The iFixit teardown says that the late 2012 Mac Mini uses PC3-12800 (DDR3-1600), with no mention of the low voltage. Apple’s specification page at http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5475 also says PC3-12800 without mentioning low voltage.

      Is this a case of OWC being certain that the lower voltage memory is compatible with the Mac Mini, e.g. based on the specifications of the memory controller, or has someone made a mistake?

    6. Tyler says:

      Any idea if the drive doubler will work for the new 2012 mac minis?

    7. Matthew says:

      Now that Mountain Lion is the current OS and the new Minis will only run Mountain Lion or newer shouldn’t you be referring to the RAM requirements of Mountain Lion not Lion?

      Also does OWC have a 3rd party option for a Fusion drive?

      What about the option to connect one of your SATA III 2.5″ SSDs via Thunderbolt to use as a boot disk? I already have one of your SATA III SSDs but the 5+ year old laptop it was in is dead and I need to find a use for it.

    8. noriel says:

      do you have local store outlets here in our country PHILIPPINES?. . . .were want to try ur awesome gadgets. . . let us know thanks

      • OWC Michael says:

        Yes, we do. Ynzal is currently a reseller of OWC & Newer Technology products in the Philippines:

        #25 Scout Rallos Street
        Quezon City, 1103 Philippines
        Tels: 413-7575/74 • 413-7578/79 • 373-2232
        Chat ID (YM): custhelp.ynzal
        Fax: (+63 2) 373-5625
        Email: info@ynzal.com

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