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2012 Mac mini & Server Unboxing

Thursday, October 25th, 2012 | Author:

The minis are finally here at the OWC Test Lab.

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OWC Announces Memory Upgrades For New 2012 Apple Mac mini Models

Newer Technology Introduces miniStack Storage Solutions Featuring OWC Mercury Solid State Drive As The Perfect Complement To Apple Mac mini

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    1. Adrianus Schrauwen says:

      How much longer before you come out with the mini stack max, you advertised it in the February catalog. Since then no more heard of.

      • OWC Grant says:

        Hi Adrianus:

        I actually replied back to you on 10/16 when you asked same question! Guess time flies! But again, we’re hoping to have the MAX in December.
        Thanks for your patience on this product..the wait will be well worth it!

    2. Steven says:

      I’ve seen somewhere where they’ve noted that the fans on the new minis are different than the previous gen. Could you perhaps comment on that and any differences in fan noise/heat? I’m sure you’re well into testing right now ;) Thanks!

      • OWC Chris S. says:

        No word on fan noise at this point; our testing group is mostly focused on making sure we have compatible upgrades rather than how loud the fans are. That said, if there were any difference significant enough that it would be noticed during the process of testing, you can be sure we’ll bring it up.

    3. djh1981 says:

      i have a mac mini server with two 240gb mercury extreme in raid 0 – how much faster are the new minis comparatively – also are the new graphics cards better than t4eh previous versions – even the regular mac mini with upgraded graphics? – i am looking at upgrading to either one of these or a new imac 27 but i want to know the upgradability of both. – i basically only use OWC products exclusively for my macs.

    4. Jerry says:

      So now that you guys have your hands on a Mac Mini and have taken it apart, can you confirm that the data-doubler from 2011 will work for 2012, too? It certainly looks like it will.

    5. MacRat says:

      Will this Mac mini model be stuck at 2 x 8GB or are there 16GB modules in the works for this memory type?

      • OWC Larry says:

        Difficult to answer at this time. But 16GB likely the top for a significant period of time. Note that the 2011 Mac mini we also support to 16GB (factory was 8GB max).. so can’t say 32GB can’t happen some day.

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