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New Shootout Videos Continue to Prove SSD’s Benefits

Thursday, November 8th, 2012 | Author:

As the Holidays rapidly approach, it gets somewhat tempting to justify gatting a new Mac as “a gift to yourself.” After all, those new iMacs are pretty slick-looking. And, you know what – there’s nothing wrong with that if you’ve already maxed out your RAM and have added a fast OWC SSD, yet are still craving more power. Heck, aside from the new Retina display-equipped MacBook Pros and the MacBook Airs, you can pretty much use the same SSD in the 2012 models as you could with earlier iterations.

However, if you’re still running on the stock memory and drive, you may be better served by upgrading your existing machine with more RAM, an SSD, and/or even a second drive bay with the OWC Data Doubler for added storage.

We’ve added a pair of videos to our series of shootouts that underscore how dramatic an improvement adding an OWC Mercury, Aura, Electra, or Accelsior SSD to your system can make. Check them out below.

For more examples of how much of an improvement adding more RAM and an OWC SSD can make to your Mac, check our Performance Shootout series, as well as our extensive Benchmark Testing section.

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