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OWC Announces MaxRAM Memory Upgrades to 16GB for 2010 Mac mini, MacBook and MacBook Pro

Thursday, December 27th, 2012 | Author:

Other World Computing announced today through its MaxRAM program the immediate availability of 8GB and 16GB OWC Memory Upgrade Kits that enable owners of 2010 Mac mini, MacBook 13″, and 2.4GHz MacBook Pro 13″ computers to add up to 16GB of RAM — up to double the previous listed maximum capacity of 8GB. Like all OWC Memory Upgrade Kits, a ‘how-to’ install video and OWC Lifetime warranty are included for each Mac model.

OWC Lab Proves 16GB Capability

By maintaining its own on-site lab with the industry’s most extensive collection of Apple Macintosh computers, second only to Apple itself, OWC is uniquely positioned to perform ongoing testing and development of memory upgrade kits for Macs made over the past 25 years. This capability enabled OWC engineers to test confirm 2010 Mac mini, MacBook 13″, and 2.4GHz MacBook Pro 13″ computers are MaxRAM Certified for the following hardware and software conditions:

  • Mac mini (Mid 2010)/Mac mini Server (Mid 2010) – Model ID: Macmini4,1
  • 13″ MacBook (Mid 2010) – Model ID: MacBoook7,1
  • 13″ MacBook Pro 2.4GHz (Mid 2010) – Model ID: MacBookPro7,1
  • Mac OS X 10.7.5 or later is installed

OWC MaxRAM Memory Upgrades for 2010 Mac mini, MacBook 13“, and 2.4GHz MacBook Pro 13” computers:

Add to one existing factory installed memory module for up to 12GB total memory.

Replaces both existing factory installed modules for 16GB total memory.

Customers can enjoy additional savings by utilizing OWC’s Memory Trade-in Rebate Program and receive cash back for their original Apple factory memory modules.

Mac mini and MacBook owners who are unsure if their machine is among those that can be expanded can consult a helpful guide OWC has created to help Mac owners determine their machine’s Model ID. OWC also offers a complete online memory guide that assists tower, desktop, and notebook Mac owners in quickly determining the available memory options for nearly any Mac model.

Mac mini and MacBook owners of machines that cannot be expanded to 16GB and/or are running up to OS 10.7.4 can still upgrade memory up to 8GB via OWC’s 2 x 4GB kit.

Maximum Memory Recommended for OS X Lion Users
While Apple’s official minimum RAM requirement for OS X Lion is 2GB, industry experts agree 4GB of RAM is the minimum that should be installed for optimum performance of typical daily computer usage. For more advanced uses such as graphics production, A/V editing, and/or running a virtual machine, 8GB and more installed RAM is highly recommended for maximum performance benefit.

We’re quite pleased to offer owners of these specific 2010 machines the ability to double the amount of memory previously thought to be the maximum,” said Larry O’Connor, Founder and CEO, Other World Computing. “Adding more memory is one of the easiest and most cost effective upgrades a computer owner can make. It allows applications to operate more efficiently by unleashing the processing power of any machine.”

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    1. Grant Jacobs says:

      I apologise in advance if this is slightly off-topic.

      I am looking to upgrade a mid-2010 13″ MacBookPro7,1 to 16 Gb RAM and Mavericks. My SMC is version 1.62f7. The ROM/EFI version is reported as MBP71.0039.B0B, not the MBP71.0039.B0E listed on Apple’s “EFI and SMC firmware updates for Intel-based Macs” page.

      If I install Mavericks, will updates be made to the EFI/SMC that will allow support of 16 Gb RAM?

      Also – I am confused that your website says that mid-2010 13″ MacBookPro7,1 can NOT support 16Gb RAM, whereas other (highly reputable) RAM supplies say they can. (Your website says the mid-2010 13″ MacBook 7,1 can support 16Gb, but that the MacBookPro counterpart can only support 8Gb RAM.)

      Key to this is that I’d like to update directly from OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard, last update) to Mavericks if possible but want to make sure the RAM upgrade to 16GB is supported.

      • OWC Alex says:

        No worries Grant. Firstly, sorry for the confusion, the MacBook Pro7,1 will take 16GB of memory. This is listed in the memory information for the 2008-2010 MacBook Pros. Here is a link to the 16GB memory kit for the MacBook Pro7,1.

        As for the EFI version, Apple generally pushes the latest EFI updates when you upgrade your OS to the latest version. If for some reason it doesn’t update during the upgrade you can find the latest EFI update for your machine here and the latest SMC version here. You can find all the most current EFI and SMC version updates for all Mac computers here on Apple’s website.

    2. Baljinder Muhar says:

      Hello Sir

      I want upgrade my Macbook Pro 15inch Mid 2010, I have only 4GB RAM bt i want now 16GB or above, & i also need upgrade my HD to SSD. Please Suggest me it is possible.

    3. Steve says:

      Can i upgrade to 16GB?

      Model Name: MacBook
      Model Identifier: MacBook7,1
      Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
      Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz
      Number of Processors: 1
      Total Number of Cores: 2
      L2 Cache: 3 MB
      Memory: 5 GB
      Bus Speed: 1.07 GHz

    4. Thoufeeq says:

      1x*GB stick shows a price of $59.99 in this page. When I clicked on the link, it shows $103. So what’s the actual price? Is shipping to India available? Whats the cost?

    5. Heston Holtmann says:

      Why does the CHEAPER 13″ model of the mid-2010 MacBookPro support 16GB of RAM.. while the more expensive 15″ Model from the same mid-2010 model line.. ONLY still support 8GB…. very dissapointed since I have the 15″ model.. What is the REASON why the 15″ model doesn’t work with 16GB. what is the chipset diff between the 2 to explain this?

    6. Morgan says:

      Is the 16gb ram tested working with MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2010) MacBookPro7,1 EFI 2.5 and SMC 1.6?

      • OWC Larry says:

        The EFI 2.5 rev was and remains the latest revision for the MacBookPro7,1 model and the 16GB was tested with this, yes. Apple OS version 10.7.5 or later is also required in order for your system to utilize the 16GB of memory.

        The SMC revision does not affect memory compatibility.

    7. Robert says:

      Why has the RAM listed in this article doubled in price?

    8. Charlie says:

      I am pleased to know that OWC is discovering, exploring and testing ways to extend the life of the Mac Book Pro’s. However it is disappointing to learn that the MBP 6.1 17″ Mid 2010 does not qualify for the memory upgrade to 16GB, even though smaller LCD models or even prior models do. Some of this capability seems to be related to firmware updates that are needed when we upgrade the OS.
      Is there a way that OWC as a partner with Apple (if that is the case, or even if it is not), to work with them (apple) to encourage Apple to come up with the firmware update that would allow this particular model to be upgraded?. The investment we made on this laptop is significant enough for Apple to consider what the customers would want to be able to do with these laptops..
      I hope this becomes possible soon… Apple’s computer are not cheap machines, so we would like to be able to use them for quite a long time..

      • Ken Ogren says:

        I also have a Mid 2010 MacPro 6,1 17″ and I very much need to upgrade my ram from 8GB to 16GB . Has there been any progress on this problem ? This model desperately needs 16GB to function.

    9. Peter Urban says:

      Despite the claims my late 2010 Mac Mini Server 4,1 refuses to recognize the 2 8GB sticks. Even after installing MAVERICKS and the most current firmware update. What else can I try?

      • OWC Ben M says:

        I would check to make sure your Mac Mini has the latest EFI Boot ROM version – http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1237.

        I recommend trying to clean the memory module. Take a clean pencil eraser and gently rub it along the metal contacts on the memory and follow that by using a microfiber towel along with rubbing alcohol to clean the metal contacts on the memory, this should insure that the memory is getting a solid contact with the computer

        If that doesn’t resolve the issue, I would try both and SMC and PRAM reset.

        SMC reset: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1411


        PRAM Reset:
        1) Start the machine while holding down the Option-Apple-P-R keys

        2) Wait until you hear the 3rd startup chime, then let go of the keys and let the machine boot up.

        If your issues persist please contact our tech support

    10. stev says:

      Since mavericks launched is there any chance the mid 2010 macbook pro 6.2 can take up to 16 gigs of ram??

    11. TDot says:


      I have a 13″ MacBook (Mid 2010) – Model ID: MacBoook7,1 that has recently been updated to OS X Mavericks. The machine still runs on original 4GBs of RAM and once it has used all the swap memory, it freezes and requires a hard reset. Considering an update to 16GBs, but I’m not sure if the upgrade kit I buy from OWC will be compatible with this OS. An attempt to update EFI did not work – it is not compatible with Mavericks. Can not remember whether the latest EFI update was run before installing Mavericks or not – it may have, it may have not.

      Have you tested the performance of this MBP with Mavericks running 16GBs of RAM? Would you recommend the upgrade?

      Many thanks.

      • OWC Ben M says:

        The support of 16GB of memory is dependent on EFI version 2.1 and SMC version 1.5 which would have been installed with 10.7.5 or higher. Mavericks is fully supported with 16GB of memory for this computer if those updates are installed. You can check your firmware on this link here – http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1237

    12. Mike says:

      Specs: MacBook Pro, 15 inch, mid 2009, 2.66ghz intel core duo.
      Will the 16GB upgrade support this laptop?

    13. John says:

      My macbook pro is 7.1 mid 2010. Last updated mountain lion but became slow. 2*2 GB memory
      I’d like to update to 8. Is it possible to use only one 8. Which option would be better.
      Is there any chance to rebate the old ram. Actually, I live in canada

      • OWC Michael says:

        Yes, you can run on one RAM module alone, but there are advantages to having both slots occupied for dual channel memory addressing. So, if you only want 8GB, I’d suggest a 2x4GB configuration as opposed to a single 8GB module and an empty slot.

        Or you could go a full 10GB and install the 8GB module alongside one of your existing 2GB modules. That way you’d have the dual-channel addressing through the first 4GB of memory.

        Regardless of the dual-channel addressing – more memory is always faster – so 10GB (2GB + 8GB) trumps 8GB (2x4GB).

        And, yes, we do offer a rebate on memory: http://eshop.macsales.com/tech_center/support/rebates/memory.cfm

    14. mark says:

      will 16gb work on my mbp 2.8ghz intel core
      i7 ..current memory 4gb 1067 mhz ddr3

    15. Johnwilks says:

      It’s insane the bump in price. It makes it worth selling my 2010 macbook pro, buying a 2012 used, and upgrading the ram for $120 instead of $160.

    16. Mike says:

      Can I buy the kit for $99 as in the article or is the increased price the current price? Why the almost double difference in price?
      I have MacBook Pro 15 inch, mid 2009 with 2x 4GB 1067 MHz DDR3, Can you confirm if this 16GB kit will work?

    17. David says:

      So my machine is a 13 in 2010, 7.1 which means it can be upgraded to 16 gigs of RAM, though I take it that I will also need to upgrade my OS from 10.6.8, I.e Mountain Lion?

    18. Rishi says:


      Do you have to buy the 16 GB of RAM each from OWC (http://eshop.macsales.com/item/OWC/8566DDR3S16P/) or can you buy the RAM from other companies?

      • OWC Michael says:

        OWC Memory meets or exceeds all manufacturer specifications and is rigorously in-house lab tested to ensure superior quality, compatibility and reliability. Additionally, our memory is backed by industry-leading lifetime advanced replacement warranty. If you need your OWC memory replaced, we will ship to you same day.
        Given the fact that we’ve validated, tested and guarantee our memory to work in every machine we list compatibility for, why wouldn’t you want to buy the RAM from us?

    19. Rishi says:


      Will this work if you are running OSX 10.8.4 – the latest version of Mountain Lion? Thank you.

    20. Clyde says:

      I have a 2.66GHz i7 mid 2010 15inch model can it be upgraded to have 16GB?

    21. Chris Ruprecht says:

      From the comments above, it seems that the max memory can be changed by a firmware upgrade. Do I see that correctly? If so, what is stopping Apple from releasing firmware for older models that let us increase the memory in our machines as memory modules with higher capacity are becoming available? Do they just want to force us to buy newer models as later software seems to have an ever increasing appetite for RAM?
      I don’t see me getting a new MacBook, because they are no longer making 17” models, but I’d love to have 16 GB, so I can run more VMs in parallel (not Parallels).

      • OWC Ben M says:

        We cannot speculate as to why Apple does what it does with their firmware. If you were to ask Apple about their memory limitations they would state the same limitations that were set when the computer was originally released. Whether they know the firmware they release expands the maximum supported memory or not will remain a mystery.

        RAM Limitations are not only set through firmware, but are also set by the OS. For example the MacPro 8 core and 12 core models support 128gb of memory, but Mac OS X only supports 96GB of memory.

    22. waiwah says:

      Hi, would like to know my macbook pro 13-inch, Mid 2009 specs meet the upgrade to 16GB requirement?

      Processor: 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
      Software: OS X 10.8.3 (12D78)
      Model Identifier: MacBookPro5,5
      Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
      Processor Speed: 2.53 GHz

      Thank you

    23. Mohamed Shaneeb says:

      is the 2.66GHz model still stuck with 8 GB….? or can we upgrade to 16 GB…?

      bcoz previously the 16 GB RAM compatibility was 2.4 GHz model only… now its showing up the 2.66GHz model..? could u confirm on this..?

      thanks…. (Y)

    24. Camilo says:

      Hi Guys,

      I have the exact MacBookPro7,1, 2.4 GHz macbook pro, so it seems my machine fits, but quick question, on this page it says $99 for the 16GB kit, and on the store, it says $149, why the difference?


    25. david says:

      Hi, can you tell me if with new efi macbook 7.1 continues to support 16gb? and if yes, this is the correct link?


      i have another question> I have a macbook 6.1 with 8gb but 1333 … I dont know why but is true.. is possible to have 1333 in 7.1?

      thanks in advance.

    26. A.Tyus says:

      I have a 2011 MBP 13in with 2.5 ghz .. has this model been approved for the MaxRam upgrade?

      • OWC Ben M says:

        We have tested the 2011 lineup and qualified it to work with up to 16GB of memory. All memory options for the 2011 MacBook Pros can be viewed here

    27. Anthony says:

      How about the upgraded 2.66GHz version of the 13″ 2010 MBP? Any chance you’ve ran the test with that model?
      Thanks much!

      • OWC Michael says:

        We did indeed test and the memory certification did not pass on the 2.66GHz model – thus the speed qualification in the article.

    28. Sri Pand says:

      Just wanted to see if you can confirm whether this kit would work for the following configuration:

      MacBookPro 17″, Mid 2010
      2.8GHz Intel Core i7
      Mac Identifier: MacBookPro6,1

      The default RAM that came when purchased was 4GB, Apple says Maximum supported is 8GB. Can it support the 16GB upgrade you’ve talked about here. Or is there any other 16GB kit that you have which can support the above model?


    29. Fraser says:

      With the MacBook Pro SMC Firmware Update 1.7 released today, will you be re-testing with the 15″ model???

      Looking for if it will work on MacBookPro6,2.


      • OWC Michael says:

        We will be testing it and reporting back.

        • OWC Michael says:

          Finished testing on the 15″ MacBook Pro ModelID: MacBookPro6,2 – SMC Firmware Update 1.7 did NOT change any memory compatibility with that model.

          The Apple MacBook Pro 15″ – Mid 2010 is OWC certified for up to 8GB of memory.

          • Armando says:

            Hello, dudes!
            It seems there is a new release for Firmware EPI on the MBP (2.6) Is there a chance to probe under a MacBookPro 6.2, 15″ mid 2010, Intel Core i7, 2.66 GHz. OSX 10.8.3

            I also looking the possibility to expand the memory at 16GB

            Thanks in advance!

    30. Dave Huff says:

      why can’t you do the same for the macbook pro 15″ mid 2010 model. If you can for the 13″ the 15: should be no problem.

      Most user of the 15: macbook pro need it more than the 13: users.

      Dave Huff

      • OWC Michael says:

        Dave, this isn’t something we “did” it is more something we “discovered”. The results we found were that the 13″ was able to use 16GB of memory after upgrading to 10.7.5 or later – and it was simply not the case with the 15″ model.

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