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OWC Campaign Helps Bring Water To Thousands

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013 | Author:

As 2012 came to a close, Other World Computing’s fundraising campaign with charity: water also saw its conclusion. And since our last blog update, the campaign received an impressive $17,070 in additional donations, which was matched by OWC, bringing the total to $79,774 raised! These donations helped OWC raise more funds for charity: water than any other campaign during Q4 or the holiday season!

Beginning November 1 in conjunction with OWC’s “25th Year Kickoff Celebration” sweepstakes, the fundraising campaign was created to help people without access to clean water. OWC donated $1 for each entrant of the sweepstakes, new newsletter subscribers, and up to $5 for each Twitter follower it had or gained during the campaign. OWC also matched donations that were made directly to the campaign.

The donations received through OWC’s campaign will bring clean water to 3,988 people in Ethiopia. Finding solutions not only can eliminate the sweating and straining to haul water back from contaminated surface sources possibly hours away, but it can also prevent the suffering from preventable illnesses, diseases, parasites, even cancers as a result of drinking contaminated water. One hundred percent of the of money donated goes directly to the water projects and in about 18 months, those who donated to the campaign will receive GPS coordinates, photos and information about the community that benefited.

“OWC’s support has helped make 2012 one of charity: water’s best yet” said Catie Miller, charity: water’s Corporate Partnerships Lead. “Their holiday campaign will help us bring clean water to almost 4,000 people in Ethiopia, and we can’t wait to build on this success together in 2013.”

So as we reflect on the time we spent with loved ones over the holidays and the gifts we received this year, it’s also important to remember those less fortunate. And while this campaign may be over, there are still people in need and you can still find ways to help by visiting charity: water’s website. Clean Water is essential for everyone, and through charity: water we can help change the lives of millions!

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