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CES Highlights OWC Products In Green Guide

Thursday, January 10th, 2013 | Author:

It may not be spring yet, but that hasn’t stopped the folks here at Other World Computing from feeling especially green this week.

Aside from our Platinum Certified green headquarters in Woodstock, Illinois, OWC also strives to make products that have a minimal environmental impact. And a new feature shared with media and attendees at this year’s International CES exhibit – the 2013 International CES Green Guide – recognizes some of OWC’s “green” innovations.

Among the products featured in the 2013 International CES Green Guide are the Newer Technology Power2U AC/USB Wall Outlet and the NuGreen LED Desk Lamp. The Power2U was featured for its Smart Power design only that outputs enough charging power required by the attached device and spring-loaded Safety Shutters that turn power off to the USB ports to eliminate “vampire” energy draw when a connecting cable is removed.

The NuGreen also was highlighted for its efficiency. The NuGreen uses only 3.6 watts total power, saving both money and the environment. The NuGreen’s LEDs last up to 45,000 use hours – up to 22 times longer than tradition bulbs – and can be recycled because they contain no mercury.

The International CES Green Guide a self-guided tour of each exhibit hall to highlight the green and environmentally-friendly products, and OWC is one of just a handful of companies out of thousands in attendance to be featured. The technology-related trade show began Jan. 8 and runs through Jan. 11  at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas.

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    1. MaX says:

      What about CES? Well, it is amazing that this showed on other sites and not on this OWC Blog!!!

      Other World Computing Building Pricey 3.5″ 2TB SSD for Desktop Workstations

      OWC is readying a 2TB, 3.5-inch form-factor workstation SSD for 2013

      Please, bring also external Mac-booting versions with 2xThunderbolt and USB 3 ports of such 2TB (or larger) SSD.

      Additionally, external Mac-booting versions with Apple Fusion Drive technology (128 or 256 SSD) using Desktop 4TB or higher (5TB expected soon) 7200 RPM HD on one side; and Mobile 1TB (just released at CES) 7200 RPM HD. That will rock to boot Mac!!!

    2. MaX says:

      Just imagine hybrid Thunderbolt and USB 3 external drives booting Mac with Fusion Drive technology. That would be awesome!!!

    3. MacRat says:

      No Thunderbolt announcements?

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