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Apple to Stop Mac Pro Sales in EU Countries

Thursday, January 31st, 2013 | Author:

If you’re living in the European Union and you’re looking at getting a new Mac Pro, you’d better hurry. As of March 1, 2013, Apple will halt sales of the Mac Pro in EU countries as they don’t comply with EU standard IEC 609501 Amendment 1, which goes into effect that day.

In case you’re not quite up to speed on EU regulatory standards, in a nutshell, IEC 609501 Amendment 1 has to do with safety and electrical standards. According to Macworld UK, the Mac Pro’s non-compliance has to do with the need for fan guards and increased protection for its electrical ports.

It should be noted that Mac Pros complied with the  previous standards when initially released. However, these newer standards are more strict and while all the other Mac models have been updated to comply over the last few revisions, the Mac Pro hasn’t seen any updates (other than speed bumps) since 2010. A new Mac Pro is rumored to be on its way some time later this year, and we can only assume that these will be compliant and will once again be available to EU customers.

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    1. MaX says:

      Expect the new Mac Pro by March this year, with a brand new super-slim Thunderbolt Display with USB 3 and also a new keyboard with built-in USB 3 hub.

    2. Dimitar Terziev says:

      We’re a company in media industry, with offices in Germany and Bulgaria, with more than 500 employees, and ~200 Mac Pro computers… now, what we have to do? Switch to PC :) Wonderful EU “standards”….

    3. MacRat says:

      “A new Mac Pro is rumored to be on its way some time later this year…”


      Is it really a rumor when the CEO says it will be out? :-)

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