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OWC Launches Slacks-Free Initiative; Blends In By Standing Out

Friday, May 3rd, 2013 | Author:

Today is No Pants Day, a participatory holiday that falls on the first Friday in May and has roots in Austin, TX. Since 1997, people there have been encouraged to go about their day without wearing any pants.

According to Real Austin Texas, “The idea is that the more people running around in their underwear, the more fun and joy there will be in the world for at least one day.”

What has this to do with OWC? Well, since Other World Computing has recently opened our newest location in Austin, TX we’ve decided to embrace the local customs and holidays. That means we’re taking Casual Friday to a whole new level today. As the old proverb states, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” So off with the pants!

For those in our Texas or Nevada locations, I’m sure today is plenty of fun – walking around like you’ve just plumb forgotten to put your pants on.

But those of us in northern Illinois are finding it a bit cold outside still for this to be comfortable.

On my drive into work, it was 39 degrees outside and raining. While I never really get a chance to show off my collection of superhero boxer shorts, trust me, no one wants to see this nerd’s cold, wet legs.

But for those of you bold enough to liberate your legs today – Happy No Pants Day to ya’ll!

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    1. DCJ001 says:

      Here’s how some people celebrate No Pants Day:

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