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OWC MacBook Air 2013 Unboxing + Inside Pics

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013 | Author:

We got our hands on the newly announced MacBook Air 2013 11 and 13-inch models from Apple, and, of course, we had an unboxing party. Naturally, since we’re tech people, we also took a peek inside. Here’s what we saw in the 11″ and 13″ models below…

 MacBook Air 2013 11 inch model


 MacBook Air 2013 13 inch model




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    1. Hank says:

      > machines are currently in testing – when we complete the compatibility tests
      > we will announce our findings here on the OWC Blog.

      Pointer please? Tell us the base model Air that OWC can improve on, and how that works out?

    2. Tiago Freire says:

      A bit of a hijacking subject, but pardon me.

      iFixit has made a teardown of the 6th gen. Airport Extreme Base Station and it is seemingly possible to add an internal HDD and convert it into a Time Capsule.

      Except that it does not come with the connector cables…

      Are you keen into it too ,checking to see if you will provide a cable kit for the 6th gen. Airport Extreme Base Station?
      If you are considering it, a blog post would come nice.

      • OWC Michael says:

        Perusing iFixit’s teardown, while there is the physical space to slide a 3.5″ hard drive into the AirPort Extreme Base Station – there doesn’t seem to be an available data connection on the board to plug a cable into. So it seems to be missing a bit more than just the cables. However, we do have a few on order so we’ll be looking into it when they arrive.

    3. Dino says:

      is the memory upgradable on the new 11″ model? if so- about when will you have available?

    4. Harry says:

      The SSD connector on the photo looks apparently different from 2012 model’s. Probably not committable physically.

    5. Ray says:

      So DYING to know if you will be releasing your own SSD’s for these.
      Jason, I believe they’ll have to design new SSD’s. The new ones are physically smaller(iFixit teardown) and the interface is PCIe whereas the previous ones have all be SATA.

      OWC, keep us posted on this ASAP. Gotta know if I can save a few $$$(many actually) on my new air and have the option of updating storage later.

    6. Jason says:

      So are the SSD cards compatible with the older ones?

      • OWC Michael says:

        The machines are currently in testing – when we complete the compatibility tests we will announce our findings here on the OWC Blog.

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