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Open Your Eyes To An Optical Drive

Thursday, July 18th, 2013 | Author:

When I was five years old, it was discovered that I needed glasses. Everyone tried to convince me I would be so cool—I would be like the beloved cartoon character Arthur, Clark Kent, or that kid from A Christmas Story—heck, everyone who was anyone had glasses. After listening to all of the hype, I was so excited to go pick out my new glasses, ready to embrace my soon-to-be coolness (and possible superpowers…I wasn’t sure yet). I picked out a simple brown pair and proudly rocked those frames for the next few years. It was only after I was an adult that I realized that there was NOTHING cute or cool about those glasses that were about 10 sizes too big for my face. (Or those straight across bangs…or that silly flower hat…basically there is nothing cool about making your kid look as nerdy as possible. Thanks parents.)

But looking back, I have to say I’m glad my parents followed the recommendations and got me glasses because your eyes are very important to your overall health. Often they’re the only thing that keeps you from walking into open sewer grates, running straight into a tree, and hugging questionable individuals on the train.

So what am I trying to get at with all of this optical talk? Well, you get glasses when you need some optical help, right? But what do you get for your device when it needs optical help? Well, just as glasses are enhancements for your optical health, an optical drive is a perfect enhancement for your Mac!

Our portable optical drives are the perfect companion for your Air, Pro, Retina, iMac, or mini. And just like picking out frames for your eyes, we have several options to choose from! Choose our model with a 6x Blu-ray reader, 6x DVD reader/writer, and 24x CD reader/writer right now for only $55. Or read and write to Blu-ray with our 6x Blu-ray reader/writer, 6x DVD reader/writer, and 24x CD reader/writer for only $95. They’re also small enough (unlike my childhood glasses) to bring with you wherever life or work may take you.

If you’re interested in more of a desktop version, take a look at our OWC Mercury Pro, a 15X Blu-ray reader/writer and a DVD & CD reader/writer. Or try the OWC Value Line, a 24X DVD & CD reader/writer.

No matter what kind of optical drive you need, OWC has you covered. And don’t worry—if your computer is worried about looking cool, you can tell it it’ll look just like Arthur.

Follow me on Twitter @OWC_Katie…maybe I can “open your eyes” to some more great things going on around OWC!

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    1. OWC Mike H. says:

      Well, 5.25 has long gone the way of dodo, but optical does still have it’s place. 50% of people still buy their music on CD, and let’s not forget how good CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs are to store archives.

      The stories of the death of the optical drive have been greatly exaggerated. : )

      Great to hear from you MacRat

    2. MacRat says:

      “an optical drive is a perfect enhancement for your Mac!”

      So is a 5.25″ floppy drive!


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