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#25YearsofOWC Quiz Week 1 Recap

Monday, October 7th, 2013 | Author:

Last week at OWC, we kicked off the celebration of our 25th anniversary with the #25YearsofOWC Quiz on our official Facebook page. We had a great response in Week 1, and it turns out, OWC fans really do know their 1988 trivia!

Here are the questions posted during Week 1:

1. The Macintosh IIx released in 1988 with a 16 MHz CPU, 40-80 MB Hard Drive & a max of 128 RAM. What was its base price?

  • Answer: 25 years ago you could grab the top of the line Macintosh IIx for the low-low price of $7,769. Today, you can grab top of the line used Macs for a fraction of the price!

2. What was the top selling album of 1988?

  • Answer: Bad was the seventh studio album by Michael Jackson. It has been cited as one of the 20 best-selling albums of all time, sold around 30 million copies worldwide, and was NOT the top selling album in 1988; George Michael’s Faith was.

3. About how many Macintosh computers had Apple sold by 1988?

  • Answer: The installed base of Mac users reached 1 million in 1987. Not bad for something that was introduced only 3 years earlier.

4. Which of these games had their debut in 1988:

  1. Super Mario Bros. 3
  2. Final Fantasy II
  3. Mega Man II
  4. Double Dragon II
  • Answer: All of them.

Without further ado … this week’s winners are Tim C., Frank H., Ringo S., and Scott M.!

If you haven’t entered, there’s still time to get in on the action and get your hands on a great prize from OWC! Test your trivia skills in our #25YearsofOWC Quiz for a chance to join this group of lucky winners. If you’ve already entered, keep sharing to increase your chances to win!

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