OWC’s Mac Pro 2013 Processor Upgrade Compatibility Testing

Last week, we confirmed that the processor in the new 2013 Mac Pro is, in fact, user upgradeable. Now we have begun the process of testing compatibility with different processors.

We’re still in the process of testing and can only recommend processors that we’ve been able to test and verify. We have supplied other notes on other processors for informational purposes only. Processors appearing on this list, unless noted as OWC tested, does not mean the processor will work or should be tried by anyone other than OWC staff at this moment.

Any upgrade to processors should be done at the user’s discretion and own risk. OWC cannot guarantee warranty status after any upgrade or alteration to the Mac Pro aside from upgrading its memory through OWC, which is a user upgrade approved by Apple that will not affect warranty status.

Check out the list of processors below:

OWC’s Mac Pro 2013 Processor Upgrade Compatibility Testing 

ProcessorCoresClock SpeedCacheTDPLith.SocketPart NumberNotes
Intel® Xeon®43.70 GHz10MB130 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-1620 v2Apple offering
Intel® Xeon®63.50 GHz12MB130 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-1650 v2Apple offering
Intel® Xeon®122.70 GHz30MB130 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2697 v2Apple offering
Intel® Xeon®63.50 GHz25MB130 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2643 v2OWC Testing
Intel® Xeon®63.70 GHz15MB130 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-1660 v2OWC Qualified
Intel® Xeon®83.30 GHz25MB130 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2667 v2OWC Qualified
Intel® Xeon®103.00 GHz25MB130 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2690 v2OWC Qualified
Intel® Xeon®41.80 GHz10MB80 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2603 v2Not tested
Intel® Xeon®42.50 GHz10MB80 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2609 v2Not tested
Intel® Xeon®43.50 GHz15MB130 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2637 v2Not tested
Intel® Xeon®62.00 GHz15MB50 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2618L v2Not tested, low power
Intel® Xeon®62.10 GHz15MB80 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2620 v2Not tested
Intel® Xeon®62.40 GHz15MB60 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2630L v2Not tested, low power
Intel® Xeon®62.60 GHz15MB80 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2630 v2Not tested
Intel® Xeon®81.90 GHz20MB70 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2628L v2Not tested, low power
Intel® Xeon®82.00 GHz20MB95 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2640 v2Not tested
Intel® Xeon®82.60 GHz20MB95 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2650 v2Not tested
Intel® Xeon®83.40 GHz25MB150 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2687W v2150 W TBD, BEWARE
Intel® Xeon®101.70 GHz25MB70 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2650L v2Not tested, low power
Intel® Xeon®101.90 GHz25MB70 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2648L v2Not tested, low power
Intel® Xeon®102.20 GHz25MB95 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2660 v2Not tested
Intel® Xeon®102.40 GHz25MB95 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2658 v2Not tested
Intel® Xeon®102.50 GHz25MB115 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2670 v2Not tested
Intel® Xeon®102.80 GHz25MB115 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2680 v2Not tested
Intel® Xeon®122.40 GHz30MB115 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2695 v2Not tested



  • Any updates to this chart?

  • any of E5 4600 v3 compatible with Mac Pro late 2013? E5 4655, 4660, 4667, 4669 v3

  • Is CPU swap upgrade applicable with 4-core stock model, specifically, ME253?

    • The MacPro ME253LL/A (MacPro 6,1, 3.7 GHz) is compatible with the CPU upgrade. We have been able to verify that part number E5-1620 v2 is compatible. This is currently being offered by Apple.

  • Will this processor be compatible with the latest, maxed-out Mac Pro? – Intel® Xeon® Processor E7-8890 v2 (37.5M Cache, 2.80 GHz).

    • The Intel® Xeon® Processor E7-8890 v2 (37.5M Cache, 2.80 GHz) has not been tested her at OWC. We’re still in the process of testing and can only recommend processors that we’ve been able to test and verify.

  • Do you have geekbench results for each processor compared to the stock variants?

    Also, at the top you say ‘OWC Tested’ means it’s OK, but the list shows ‘OWC Testing’ and ‘OWC Qualified’ without further explanation.

    • We have compiled the GeekBench scores for the processors we have tested on this OWC Blog post. “OWC Qualified” indicates which processors are OWC Tested and confirmed as compatible, while “OWC Testing” means we are in the process of testing that particular processor.

  • As Baz noted a few days ago you’re missing the Apple 8-core option in your chart. I believe it’s an E5-1680 v2.

    I wouldn’t count on OWC being able to get better prices than any other shop, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Intel publishes prices based on trays of 1000 processors and many shops sell for only a little bit more than that. If you want a significant discount from Intel you have to be prepared to buy 100,000 at once and even the big wholesale distributors can’t afford that.

  • Thanks for all the hard work guys! Can’t wait to see some benchmarks. Keep up the good work!

  • I’d be interested in seeing you actually test the 2687W; are you planning on it? Given its higher TDP, there are risks involved, but those 8-cores are far easier to find in the retail channel than the 2667 chips are.

  • Rest assured, we will be offering processor upgrades in some sort of upgrade path. However, the exact details are still to be determined.

  • Ray Terry: I also would like for OWC to spell out their intent of selling or simply telling us about these processor upgrades. I would hope with OWC as the buyer from Intel that they would receive a favorable discount on pricing.

  • You have not listed Apple’s 8-core offering, yet you have don’t so for the 4, 6 and 12 core models! Was this intentional, and if so, why ?

  • Thanks much for posting that list of processors…. very detailed indeed.

    This leads me to ask… Does “OWC Qualified” indicate or mean that OWC offers or will offer this on their web site for purchase ? If so when might that happen and at what cost and what would be the process for upgrading, such as sending the Mac Pro to make the upgrade ?

    Also, why is OWC not indicating they will/might offer the 12-core (E5-2697 v2 Apple’s offering) for Mac Pro owners of the Apple’s stock 4-core and 6-core models ? Why would OWC not offer this, especially if the cost for doing so is lower than what Apple charges ?

  • Will you be selling the processor upgrades? Or just tell us what works and have us buy them from intel? I hope you sell the upgrades and not just tell us how to do it.