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OWC Unveils New Products, Upgrades At CES 2014

Friday, January 10th, 2014 | Author:

globe-CEStravel-280x300We’re nearing the end of yet another successful and exciting CES. And this year has been particularly exciting for Other World Computing.

Not only have we showed off and expanded on many of our award-winning offerings, but we’ve also unveiled some great new products as well.

And what better place than CES to give a sneak peek at some of our future items that are right around the corner!

Read below to get caught up on what’s been going on this week at the OWC booth at CES 2014. And check out the gallery below to get an up-close look at some exciting new OWC products!

New products

OWC had a lot to unveil at CES 2014 beginning with the latest addition to the award-winning NuGuard KX lineup. The KX now offers its rugged protection for the iPhone 5C. But the KX for iPhone 5C doesn’t just protect, it also looks great too coming in a rainbow of colors including Blue, Green, Hot Pink, Pink, Purple and Yellow.

OWC also took  the chance to show off its OWC Memory upgrades for the recently released Mac Pro 2013. You can install up to 64GB to help get the most from your new Mac Pro! And OWC announced it has rounded out its array of OWC Thunderbolt™ cable offerings with three new optical cable lengths of 10M, 20M, and 30M.

The KX for iPhone 5c offers a rainbow of color choices along with x-treme protection.

The KX for iPhone 5c offers a rainbow of color choices along with x-treme protection.

A glimpse of what’s to come

Since CES is also about the future of tech, we at OWC wanted to give a “sneak peek” of some offerings that are right around the corner and other products in the works for later in 2014.

The Mercury Helios 2 PCIe Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis has been added to the OWC Helios line. The Helios 2 is a solution for using two single-width, or one single-width and one double-width, PCIe 2.0 adapter cards with Mac Pro (2013), Mac mini, iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and other Thunderbolt-equipped computers that do not have PCIe slots.

In addition, OWC displayed the ThunderBay IV, which enables the installation of up to 4 Hard Drives or SSDs with RAID capabilities, and Mercury On-The-Go Pro portable storage solution which join the Mercury Elite Pro Dual Thunderbolt External Drive in OWC’s Thunderbolt lineup.

OWC also gave an early look at the Accelsior ProQ – the upcoming high-perfomance PCIe SSD for Mac Pro and Helios 2 PCIe chassis with HD 4K editing capability. And OWC unveiled its early PCIe SSD prototype built for MacBook Pro with Retina display 2013, MacBook Air 2013, and Mac Pro 2013 models. Make sure to bookmark the OWC Blog for more information on upcoming OWC products.

An early look at OWC's PCIe SSD prototype built for MacBook Pro with Retina display 2013, MacBook Air 2013, and Mac Pro 2013 models.

An early look at OWC’s PCIe SSD prototype built for MacBook Pro with Retina display 2013, MacBook Air 2013, and Mac Pro 2013 models.

Award-winning OWC products

OWC also showed off some offering from its current lineup of products, such as the NuGuard KX and KXs for iDevices, external solutions, SSDs, and much more!

Team OWC members show off OWC's offerings to eager onlookers.

Team OWC members show off OWC’s offerings to eager onlookers.

Check out our gallery from CES 2014 to get a look at many of the upgrades and solutions OWC has to offer now and in the future!


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    1. Matthew says:

      Will the Thunderbolt Mercury On The Go Pro support daisy chaining e.g. Connect display to Mac via the On The Go Pro?

    2. dirtymouse says:

      please make the mercury rack pro 1 unit rack mount 4bay tray less with thunderbolt 2 ports, pass thru.

    3. Matt says:

      I have a 256 GB OWC 6G SSD lying around. Will I be able to get a diskless Mercury On-The-Go Pro and put it in? Is the Mercury On-The-Go Pro silent?

      • OWC Jarrod says:

        The Thunderbolt Mercury On-The-Go Pro will only be compatible with approved drives and SSDs that will be listed upon release.

        • Kara Harkins says:

          So does that mean there will be a 0GB solution if we have one of those drives or not? I bought a top-of-the-line OWC solid state just a few months ago so I would certainly hope it would be supported!

          Unfortunately, like others, lack of a second TB port makes me a bit hesitant. With everyone wanting to do end-of-the-daisy-chain gear I would probably need to unplug something.

    4. sam rohn says:

      i am also curious about whether Thunderbay IV will be thunderbolt 1 or thunderbolt 2, can someone at OWC provide some info here ?



    5. James says:

      It is my understanding that these devices are Thunderbolt 1 rather than Thunderbolt 2, is this the case?

      I’m sure it isn’t ideal for OWC either, but It really puts myself as a consumer in a bad place as I don’t want to I don’t want to spend a ton on enclosures now, only to upgrade them all shortly.

      Will thunderbolt 2 versions of these receive a soft update soon?
      I’m afraid I will be waiting for that.

    6. MaX says:

      What about the wireless numeric keypad?

      OWC to get into the numbers game with a wireless numeric keypad

      A wired numeric keyboard with built-in USB 3 hub would rock!

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