Shifting the Pro Paradigm: Alternative Pro Solutions Hiding in Plain Sight

ThunderBay_MWFor many pros, ourselves included, the silver tower Mac Pro was the gold standard when it came to demanding workflow, featuring fast processors, memory expansion options, a solid stock video card and drive expansion.

The new Mac Pro is undoubtedly an awesome object of desire, but for many of us it’s simply overkill. For others, the entry cost is simply too high to justify a new Mac Pro.

As the rest of Apple’s Mac lineup has gained increasingly better performance, your best new “pro-level” machine may not be a Mac Pro after all. With the phenomenal potential offered by Thunderbolt devices, you might find your pro solution hiding in plain sight in a Thunderbolt equipped iMac, Mac mini or Apple laptop.

At OWC we use Macs every day, and we’ve experienced the “pro evolution” first hand. The Mac Pro has been the perennial workhorse in our design studio, but recently we’ve shifted our thinking too.

Our newest design studio workstations use an iMac with 24GB of memory and additional 30” monitor. The real pro-performance boost and flexibility comes from a blazing fast OWC ThunderBay 4 external Thunderbolt drive. Under the ThunderBay 4’s hood are two 6G OWC SSDs RAIDed together for maximum speed and a 3.0TB drive for Time Machine backup. There’s a spare drive bay and dual Thunderbolt ports for easy future expansion.

The enhanced workflow offered by the ThunderBay 4 truly showcases the potential we’ve known Thunderbolt technology offers Mac users: massive speed capabilities, flexible expansion options and plug-n-play simplicity.

At OWC, our “pro expectations” have evolved thanks to the amazing performance offered by the entire Thunderbolt equipped Mac lineup – leveraging pro capabilities without the pro price. Maybe your next pro Mac is already here.

Have questions on what could be your next pro Mac? Email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to offer tips, advice, and answers to any questions you have about building your next pro workstation.