OWC Makes MacBooks ‘Pro’ Again With Game-Changing OWC DEC

back-to-back-computersv3OWC today announced the OWC DEC, the first-ever expansion solution designed specifically for the 2016 Apple MacBook Pro. The OWC DEC is the finishing touch to a MacBook Pro, allowing users to take their laptops to the next level, extending the life and the functionality of the already-exceptional 2016 MacBook Pro. The DEC is the latest in OWC’s long line of upgrades for nearly every Mac made and continues the company’s legacy of providing the best solutions for Mac owners.

The OWC DEC attaches completely flush to the bottom of the 2016 MacBook Pro, providing additional flash storage and connectivity, ultimately increasing the performance of MacBook Pros. With the OWC DEC, users will get an enhancement path for their 2016 MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro with Touch Bar to keep their system upgradeable for the long term in a clean and integrated fashion. On top of the core functional benefits, the OWC DEC also touts a sleek design. When installed, the OWC DEC and MacBook Pro will be as thin as a 2012 MacBook Pro, allowing this advanced solution to retain the attractive light weight design that users favor.

This patented solution has a range of features, which include:

  • Up to 4TB of additional Flash/SSD storage (for a maximum of 6 TB, including factory capacity)
  • SD Card Slot/Multi-Media card slot
  • USB 3 Type A Ports for standard USB cabled devices
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • And other features to be announced at a later date

Larry O’Connor, OWC Founder and CEO, will personally showcase the OWC DEC prototype in Las Vegas this week. The OWC DEC enables the new MacBook Pro to be updated and expanded in order to operate at peak performance and ultimately be relevant for years longer than may otherwise be expected.

“We’ve been developing this concept for over three years and feel now is the perfect time for this ground-breaking product,” said O’Connor. “Storage space is always at a premium on a laptop and without the potential to upgrade the factory drive, the OWC DEC brings that option back in addition to cleanly supporting the gear we all rely on.”

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The release of the OWC DEC comes on the heels of a significant year of new product announcements from OWC, including the OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock, OWC USB-C Dock, Aura SSD and the newly released Mercury Elite Pro Dual mini and Mercury Elite Pro Dual.

OWC will ship the highly-anticipated OWC DEC in late 2017. OWC Upgrades are available from MacSales.com and other fine retailer and e-tailers in the U.S. and around the world.  For more information, please visit www.owcdigital.com/DEC.


  • I have Macbook Pro Retina 15″ (late 2013 model), and it work flawless. I wish you could make the dock for it, I’ll love to have one.

  • Can I be a tested? Its driving me nut not have an SD Card slot!

  • Be aware of the touch bar macbook pro!

    I have a touch bar now [15-inch, 2016, MacBooKPro13,3]- 1TB SSD, relatively loaded. $3200 bucks, $400 in dongles. Here is the list of issues I have:

    Keyboard downgraded terrible – noisy and bad feedback. Space between keys is much smaller now. Noisy, sloppy, and hardly any travel.
    Touch bar is bad – ESC key is a flat image now which gives no feedback. Using VI now is horrible. Any key you like to use often that is now soft on the Touch Bar is horrible to use.
    Touch Bar buttons are super-easy to “fire off” – accidentally brushing them causes them to activate. There is no travel – its flat – so any capacitive touch fires them off.
    Battery is smaller, to hide this they remove the Hours Remaining in the battery widget now as of Sierra 10.12.2. They cut the battery – I think from 99.5 WH to 76WH to reduce weight. Typical usage? about 4 hours for me. Nowhere near 10.
    No 32GB ram. That’s right, a $3K+ laptop still with 16GB ram.
    Force Touch Pad is now way too large. Accidental touches and gestures easy to actuate harder to control.
    No ports. NONE. Only USB-C ports. That means even a lowly USB drive needs a dongle.
    No more magsafe – so if you trip over a cord now prepare to at least destroy the cable.
    No more charging light on cable. Yep. USB charging cable is nothing special.
    No more glowing apple – that’s right. Its just an silver apple now.
    Ugly color (space grey). Shows every smear and dirt and smudge.
    Fingerprint reader is annoying now – it is considerably faster to enter a password than to wait for this thing to read the finger.
    Battery Spec:
    – Late 2016 15″ (Touch Bar) – BTO/CTO – A1707 – 3072 Touch Bar MacBookPro 13,3: 76.0 W h Li-Poly
    – Retina Mid-2015 15″ (DG) – A1398 – 2910 MJLU2LL/A* – MacBookPro11,5 : 99.5 W h Li-Poly
    – 25% less battery.

    • the touchbar needs an Esc key “disable” or “double tap to confirm” or something … really annoying to touch it by mistake … same with the power / lock button.

      My only real beef with the MacBook Pro 2016 is the lack of beef — outdated cpu, limited gpu, limited ram, limited battery …

      As for this “pro” clip-on, I could use it mostly as an extended battery, so why not stuff it full of battery storage?

  • I am not able to use the Touch Bar mac – the soft ESC key is horrific. A host of other issues makes using the touch bar mac impossible and I have returned it to the company IT department and gotten the latest / max config of the previous generation of mac.