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Check out the “killer” deals at OWC’s Monthly Garage Sale

Friday, March 5th, 2010 | Author:

One of our “Tweeps”, an award winning national voiceover talent & audio production professional came up with that “killer” term to describe all the deals that could be had in our monthly Garage Sale. In fact, I Tweeted him back as to what was especially attractive and he said while many items were enticing, his eyes were really focused on this adapter.

If this sale is new to you, every time a new month begins, we run through the cavernous OWC warehouse to get any open box, discontinued, refurb, etc. items up online and marked down for quick move out.

When you sign up for OWC Larry’s newsletter…and regular readers know I sound like a broken record on this topic… (translation: what are you waiting for? Sign up! It’s FREE!)

…you get FIRST SHOT at all the deals! What’s the big deal about that? Well…as the newsletter went out last night with over 200 individual deals…roughly 20% of them sold out less than 24 hours later. Yep, some deals are very limited quantity and as you can see, they must be pretty good to be gone already.

All items are on a first come, first served basis and as items sell through, the site automatically updates quantity available and/or removes an item from being available to order.

Here are just a few highlights to tempt you:

While they last, check ‘em all out online here

And even though they’re “killer” deals, they qualify for Free Shipping if part of an order over $250.00. Freight on orders under $250 include special rates of only $1.95 to $2.99.

Lastly, as an added convenience for you, OWC now supports Amazon Checkout. If you have an account with Amazon, OWC is now approved and has fully enabled your ability to use your existing account and information for a speedy checkout. For new customers who may need to ship to an address different than the billing on the credit card, this can also save processing time if you’ve already shipped to the alternate address with Amazon. They handle all approval/verification when Amazon Checkout is used and this is one answer for any of you who’ve had any issue with an alternate address.

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    1. MacRat says:

      Pulled the trigger on a couple more FW800 enclosures.

      Still hoping you can bring down the cost on them over the next year so it is easier to buy more. :-)

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