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How OWC Makes Its Service Super

Monday, June 28th, 2010 | Author:

Wow! What a great experience this has been; one that should be shared.

Before we start, I must first admit that prior to stepping into the OWC world, I was a PC-only user.

I would like to share some info about the OWC training provided for those in our call center, who are currently working in a “hybrid” role. What is this hybrid role, you may ask? An OWC phone representative with a “hybrid” role is a multi-skill set employee who can provide one-touch resolution for the customer.

First, let’s take a look at my induction course for Other World Computing’s Call Center. When I stepped into the first training class, accompanied by two other new representatives, I was intimidated by the technical knowledge surrounding me throughout the company. Between the immense amount of information technology, the wide array of component and product training, and the simple company policy, procedures and terms that are present in any corporate environment, it all felt a little overwhelming for the first few weeks.

Since the “hybrid” role is designed to ensure that OWC customers are receiving the most intelligent, and overall best Customer Service/Technical Support experience in the industry, we were trained in a number of areas, including:

  • Product Knowledge
  • Product assembly
  • Product shipping/receiving
  • Product Invoicing/packing
  • Customer Service
  • Using a Mac
  • Sales and upgrades
  • Technical Tier 1 (troubleshooting)

Just starting with the above list, you might understand why it seemed overwhelming at first. However, at about week six, I was feeling right at home. Yep, that’s right, 6 weeks! How is that for thorough?

Now 2 months into my new position, I am not intimated by any call, questions or issue that comes my way. My training has made me feel comfortable in the position that they have trained me for, and is setting me up for my future at OWC.

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