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OWC Announces Industry’s First 16GB RAM Upgrade For Latest Apple MacBook Pro Models

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011 | Author:

Other World Computing announced today through its in-house MaxRAM testing lab the immediate availability of high performance OWC PC3-10600 DDR3 1333MHz 8GB memory modules that provide 12GB and 16GB memory configurations for the new 2011 MacBook Pro models. Now, with these OWC Upgrades, new MacBook Pro model owners can add up to twice the factory maximum installed memory.

OWC Memory Upgrades Offer More Configuration Options:

Not available as factory memory upgrade option.

OWC MaxRAM Lab Confirms 16GB Performance And Compatibility

By maintaining its own lab  of nearly every Apple Mac model ever made, including all of the latest 2011 MacBook Pro models, OWC continues its reputation as a leading independent memory upgrade provider for Macintosh computers with kits that offer maximum capacity, configurations and savings. Like all its memory upgrades, OWC Memory Upgrade Kits for 2011 MacBook Pro are engineered with premium quality components and are fully tested and certified to meet, if not surpass, all Apple memory design and compatibility specifications.

Notebook Performance That Rivals Desktops

“A wide range of testing – by both internal and leading external performance sites – is in progress on our first to market 12GB and 16GB OWC ‘MaxRAM’ memory options for the 2011 MacBook Pro,” said Larry O’Connor, Founder and CEO, Other World Computing. “Our initial confirmed results, using the same ‘diglloydMedium’ CS5 testing parameters employed by macperformanceguide.com, reveals a nearly 50% performance improvement with 16GB of RAM installed vs. the factory maximum of 8GB. This upgrade truly lets owners of the latest MacBook Pro models unleash the power of their machine with performance approaching that only previously available in Apple desktop and tower models.”

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    1. Edison says:

      Hola tengo una macbook pro 17 mid 2009 , es posible actualizar a 16 gb?

    2. Sha says:

      With the latest update for Mavericks, is it now possible to put 16gigs of ram in a mid 2010 15″ mbp???


    3. Andreas Kahlau says:

      I have a 2010 MacBook Pro 2.66GHz Intel Core i7
      Can I upgrade to 16GB memory?
      Would you ship to South Africa?

    4. andrea says:

      hello, question >
      I have a MacBook Pro 2.2 GHz i7 (feb 2011), 2 slot 2GB memory each (4GB 1333 MHz DDR3),

      I’d like this option > [http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Other%20World%20Computing/1333DDR3S8GB/], take away a 2GB memory to add 8GB, total 10 GB.

      is it ok? does it work and fit? ;-)
      thank for answer and suggestions

    5. Takq says:

      I have a MacBook Pro 15-inch, Early 2011. Which memory should I purchase — 1600MHZ or 1333MHZ?


    6. Sara says:

      So i have an early 2011 15 inch macbook pro and i want to upgrade from my 4gb ram as i use photoshop and illustrator a lot and it eats away at my ram, i am a student so the price for 16gb is quite high for me but is it worth getting 16gb instead of 8gb for editing software or would it work fine with 8gb

    7. Antonio says:

      Hi, I have the MacBook Pro MD101LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop (I think it is from mid 2012) (4 GB standard). Can I extend its memory up to 16 GB even though in Apple says the max is 8 GB?


    8. Giannis says:

      I have MacBookPro late 2011 i7 2.8GHz 4GB(2x2GB) ram SODIMM DDR3 1333MHz and I want to upgrade it to 8GB as that is the max ram as apple sagest. And I saw here that my Mac can upgrade to 16 GB ram (2x8GB) Can I use 10GB (2GB+8GB) is it posible? Or is it batter to use the same size?

      • OWC Michael says:

        Certainly – you can mix and match RAM capacities. From our testing, more RAM always offers a better speed benefit over matched pairs.

    9. Fernando González Ortiz says:

      What if i already have 8gb in my computer and i want to upgrade to 12gb, do you sell 8gb rams standalones?¿

    10. Ryukiri says:

      Can I purchase RAM here and bring it to the Apple store for them to install it?

    11. andreas kornasle says:

      I have macbook pro mid 2010, can I have 16 gb ram??

    12. Faulkner says:

      16 Gigs Yikes!
      1. Does my configuration accept that?
      2. Do you have Geekbench numbers for this combo
      with 16 gigs?

      MacBookPro8,2 (15-inch Early 2011) MC723LL/A
      Intel Core i7-2720QM 2200 MHz (4 cores)
      512 SSD

    13. Anardo Cuello says:

      I have the MacBookPro6,1 17″ mid 2010 model. Can this 2x8GB work with this model of the Macbook pro?

    14. Nick says:

      I have a Macbook Pro 17″ 2011 i7 Core – 8,3 is it possible to install 16gbs of ram and if so what do i need to do?. I am new to the whole installing stuff in my own computer thing.

      -Thanks Nick

    15. Dan says:

      Hi…My specs are below

      Model Name: MacBook Pro
      Model Identifier: MacBookPro8,1
      Processor Name: Intel Core i5
      Processor Speed: 2.3 GHz

      Can my macbook be upgraded to 16Gb? Any problems with Lion?


      • OWC Chris S. says:

        The MacBookPro8,1 is the 2011 MacBook Pro, which will work with all the memory modules mentioned on this page, including the 16.0GB option.

        Since memory addressing is based mostly on hardware (with firmware playing part with some older models), Lion’s compatibility with 16.0GB should not be any different than Snow Leopard’s.

    16. Mak Solmoro says:

      I have an Early 2011 (MBP 8,2) model is it possible to upgrade it to 16GB?

    17. Julius says:

      Any idea if 16GB ram is possible in the MacBookPro6,1 (= Mid 2010)

      Kind Regards Julius

    18. Adewale says:

      I have actually been waiting for a 16GB version of the current 17″ macbook pro and got tired of waiting only for me to google and find ths sight. I’d like to order the Macbook Pro 17″ but require it with 16GB of ram. I know I cannot order it with that spec of ram from apple so please explain how it works; do I first order the machine from apple and then order your kit? If so what to do with the ram that came with the machine from apple? Please advise.

    19. DJ says:

      I am wondering, and can’t tell from the existing comments, if I can upgrade my MBP to the 16GB max. I currently have 8GB installed. The machine is a Model 5.1 Intel Core 2 Duo. Thanks in advance for any guidance.


    20. Lance says:

      I would very much like to know whether I can upgrade to 16GB for my MacBook Pro.
      processor i7 2.66GHz
      8 GB memory DDR3 1067MHz
      15″Mid 2010

    21. Alopez says:

      I bought my macbook Pro December 2010
      i have the 8 gb of ram already….

      my question is would my laptop support the jump to 16 gb of ram????

      and if so will it cause any delay =, damage ,

      and what about the temperature,…. will it increase ????

      or the same???


    22. Gordon Kennie says:

      I need advice, is this RAM Compatible with my MacBook Pro?

      My Macbook Pro, Model: 6,2 15’4″
      Now i am still using ‘Samsung’ 2x4GB 2 Rx8 PC3-1066Mhz 204-pin SODIMM Ram

      Currently not sure if this model is i5 or i7 – We’re checking.

      I wish to buy your RAM with specification below.
      - 2x8GB 1333MHz 204-pin SODIMM Ram

      Is your Ram suitable for my MacBook Pro?

    23. Deryl says:

      OK, question:

      Are you saying that ONLY *your* RAM will work to correctly upgrade to 16GB? Or are you saying that you’re one of the few ODMs that actually *has* the 2x8GB 1333MHz 204-pin SODIMMs?

      • OWC Grant says:

        Hi Deryl…on March 9 when we announced that upgrade, it was the first available on the market. On quick check around web just now, I don’t see any other single 8GB modules….and while we like to test all sorts of products, we only guarantee the performance of our own products.

    24. A Different Scott says:

      I sincerely and greatly appreciate what OWC is doing, but I still wonder:

      Is it possible the extra RAM will cause power supply problems?

      I don’t understand why Apple would not document the true max RAM for each machine. What do they benefit from not being honest about this?

      Surely Apple must be aware of the true product specs and of new upgrades coming onto the market. The tiny extra they make from RAM upgrades due to being dishonest about this has to be less than the amount they would pay someone to implement such a devious propaganda effort, no?

      I want to believe. Help me believe :-) Thanks!

      • OWC Grant says:

        Have never heard of such or had such a report of extra RAM causing power supply problems.

        What Apple’s motives/strategy behind their memory configs would just be conjecture.

        Perhaps to convince you, you should go social and ask if anyone has experienced any system failures as a result of installing max RAM.

        But let’s face it, if it did so, we’d have stopped offering such kits a long time ago… ;-)

    25. Dominik Hoffmann says:

      Is there any possibility that a future OS update or hardware add-on will break a 16 GB RAM configuration? As of now, 8 GB is the official limit.

      Also, what about even more RAM? In my opinion, limits to the maximum RAM have been the greatest limit to a MacBook Pro’s lifespan. I was very disappointed that the first MacBook Pro (15 in) had a 2 GB limit, when the last PowerBook had already had a maximum of 4 GB.

      • OWC Michael says:


        It hasn’t happened in the past and we’re not expecting it to in the future. Individual 8GB modules were not available when Apple released the 2011 MacBook Pro models, while future machines will probably utilize them, Apple historically hasn’t gone back and added additional support for third party memory. When they themselves start using them in their new releases, their official limits may change – but until that time, OWC has you covered.

        As far as more RAM in the future goes…who knows. If or when larger memory modules are available, we’ll be sure to send them through our ‘MaxRAM’ Certification Program testing to find out.

    26. db says:

      What about 10GB option? That is, can I buy just 8GB and remove a 2GB stick? Then I can buy a second 8GB in a year or so when the prices have gone down.

      • OWC Michael says:

        Hello db,

        Yes, the memory does not need to be matching in capacity. You could run the machine with 10GB of memory in that configuration. However, I do not see that a single 8GB module is an option at this time. So, your best bet is to go with the 12.0GB Memory Upgrade.

    27. Dan says:

      So I’m sure some others have noticed as well the ship date has moved to 12 days :(
      Any more info on why or when we’ll actually be seeing these?

    28. GeirMB says:

      Looks like you guys don’t sell 1×8 for the latest Mac Book Pro.
      Can’t seem to find it …


    29. Matt says:

      So not the i3 27″ iMac?

      • OWC Michael says:

        No, our testing has found that both the i3 processor and the 21.5″ models are incompatible with the 8GB PC3-10600 DDR3 1333MHz modules we are currently offering.

    30. Harry says:

      Wow, this is great.
      Can MBP Mid 2010 or earlier take 16GB memory?
      Or only Early 2011 model can do?


    31. Chris says:

      Is there any hope for my MacBookPro 5,2 to go beyond 8GB?

      Any “secret firmware” hacks out there? Anyone tried SODIMM DDR3 1066 204p 8GB frankenstein monstrosities? Would the motherboard recognize the memory if it was there?

      • JabbasRevenge says:

        Chris, I am waiting for the same answer… I recently upgraded my RAM, and although 8GB is rad, I think the video editing I’m doing would be ridiculously fast with 16GB. I also have the 5,2 MBP… It was the best they had in 2009… I think that if you are paying top dollar for a machine, it should be upgradable almost into infinity… I can see why Apple would resist this, but seriously… It’s not really for fun, it’s for work and to make my rendering time more efficient… I don’t know much about firmware or specs–when I saw 16GB was available, I almost poo’ed myself, then I started looking closer, and found out it was only for 2011… I was hoping OWC would have an answer though–my Apple certified teacher swears by them.. Is there any hope for an upgrade, OWC???

    32. GeirMB says:

      Hi Grant

      I just purchased the new 2×4 package from you.
      Now, will I be able to buy only 1 x 8,
      and then use that one along with 1×4 to get 12 GB ?


    33. Dan says:

      Noticed that the article doesn’t mention anything about use in the iMacs for 24-32GB of Ram, but it was published on the upgrades pages. So these modules are confirmed to work with the iMacs? Also do you expect the “Shipping in 5 Days” to be a realistic ship-out date? Thanks!

      • OWC Grant says:

        Hey Dan…thanks for the visit. And good eyes too ;-) If listed, then compatible. Yes….we’re looking at five days….and hoping we can drop pricing some.
        Note on the iMacs….ONLY the i5 and i7 27″ model.

    34. Shesh says:

      The MacPro takes a 240-pin DDR3 DIMM. The MBPs take a 204-pin SO-DIMM. So, yes, these are smaller DIMMs.

    35. Jon says:

      Wow I want… but yikes not for those prices… still good to know they’ll be available for a few years from now when 8GB starts to feel confining.

    36. O-Dub Scott says:

      Oh ya- forgot to ask- are these the same 8GB Memory Modules you use for the Mac Pro’s? Or Smaller?


      O-Dub Scott

    37. O-Dub Scott says:

      Wow! That’s awesome guys!

      Also, I just noticed at the Apple Store they now offer 64GB Ram for their Mac Pro’s….Hmmmmm….wonder where they got that idea…..? :-)


      O-Dub Scott

    38. Timmo says:

      i knew it! brilliant! now, to watch ram prices tumble?

    39. Ryan says:

      Wow, like a few years ago 4 Gig sticks were at a similar price level. Still refreshing news, glad to see that the Thunderbooks can support RAM beyond the factory specs. A few people that will need it will buy it.

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