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Are You Prepared for a Zombie Attack?

Friday, October 28th, 2011 | Author:

The Center for Disease Control has found a new way to spread the word about being prepared for emergencies with a new graphic novella, about the mother of all emergencies – a zombie attack.

The novella, available for download on the CDC website, is a follow up to the CDC’s popular May 16 posting: “Preparedness 101: Zombie Preparedness”.

Dr. Ali Khan, director of the CDC Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response, distributed copies of the graphic novella at this year’s New York Comic Con in October. Dr. Khan was also on a Comic Con panel titled “Zombie Summit: How to Survive the Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse.” Article Continues…

OWC Leads Customer to Career Path

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010 | Author:

We love hearing back from OWC customers, not only for the insights that help us to continue providing the very best products, but also for the times when we hear about the positive effect our products have had on the lives of our customers.

Once in a while, we get an e-mail that really makes our day. This was the case when we recently heard from Mike Ball, a Certified Systems Technician and longtime OWC fan, who told us of the impact OWC had on his career path.

Mike’s job title is an alphabet soup of tech know-how: MCDST (Microsoft Desktop Support Technician), MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional), A+ Certification, Net+ Certification, Dell Certified Systems Expert, and HP Certified Systems Tech.

And he credits OWC with starting him out on that path. “If it wasn’t for OWC,” Mike wrote, “I wouldn’t have:

  • learned about how Macs work, and computers in general
  • learned about upgrading
  • learned troubleshooting
  • learned about PCs and Windows
  • started my IT career.”

That progression, Mike told us, started after a visit to the OWC site for help with an early Mac problem, where he discovered that he could perform the work himself, leading to the notion that he could do this for a living, and to the career path that took him to where he is today.

“I’ve been an OWC customer for almost ten years,” Mike wrote, “and I recommend OWC to someone almost every day, with no reservations, at any opportunity, (even) with my PC users. I’m always pleasantly surprised at how fast an OWC purchase can be fulfilled, compared to other vendors. You guys ARE the benchmark for service in my book.”

Mike is a confirmed OWC fan, past, present and future. “OWC was one of my first online buying experiences, back when I had just started getting online and upgrading my first Power Mac, a 7600,” he wrote.  “It was as good an experience then as it is now. My site is now establishing support for iPads and iPhones, and OWC will be my first and only choice to refer customers to!”

OWC looks forward to traveling down the road with you for a long time to come, Mike.

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Every Day is Earth Day at OWC

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010 | Author:

Every Day is Earth Day at OWC

April 22, 2010, marks the 40th anniversary of the first Earth Day environmental awareness observation in 1970. But at OWC, we like to think of every day as Earth Day in a very real way.

As OWC staff members arrive at work each day, we begin our “Green” day by driving into the OWC parking lot, over permeable pavers, and a multi-layer substrate that help keep surface pollutants out of the groundwater.

Anyone carpooling or driving an energy efficient car gets preferred parking, close to the building. While making our way to the building entrance, we walk past the high-insulation glass windows and exterior sunshade technology that reduce cooling costs, as well as bio-swale landscaping and native plants and prairie grasses that conserve water. We can’t see the eco-friendly building materials containing a high level of recycled content, but we know they’re in there. And OWC’s underground geo-thermal heat pump system is also not visible to the naked eye, but it’s hard at work 365 days a year greatly reducing both heating and cooling costs for the building.

On the way to our workstations, we walk past a staff shower facility for anyone wishing to ride a bike to work, and “smart room” sensors that track movement and automatically shut off lights in unused areas. All interior materials, from the carpeting on the floor to the paint on the wall, and even the cleaning products used every day were selected for low toxicity and planet-friendly components. There are recycling bins set out throughout the building for paper, glass and plastic, as well as smaller paper recycling bins in every cubicle. In the two years we have been in the new building, OWC has been steadily working toward  a zero waste goal. Through company-wide re-use and recycling efforts, including paper, glass, metal and  plastic, our records show that OWC has reduced what it could have otherwise added to the solid waste stream by approximately 96%.

And visible through the floor to ceiling glass windows is OWC’s own on-site Vestas V39-500kW, 3-blade wind turbine that cleanly generates more than 100% of the amount of power required by OWC’s operations.  The turbine earned OWC recognition as a Green Power Partner in 2009 from the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Article Continues…

OWC Participates In “National Free Shipping Day”

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009 | Author:

GlobemanShoppingFree lunch is good; “Free Bird” is better; but best of all is National Free Shipping Day, this year falling on Thursday, Dec. 17. This is the day declared to be the latest possible day in the Christmas shopping season that, on average, retailers can offer free shipping and guarantee delivery by December 24th.

OWC is participating in the second annual National Free Shipping Day for orders $150 or greater. In fact, OWC announced this policy on Nov. 19, so  in effect, every day since then has been OWC free shipping day for orders $150 or greater.

Free shipping for orders $150 or greater will officially continue through Dec. 31, from OWC’s on-line catalog of over 2,500 products. Orders that ship by ground by this Thursday, Dec. 17, will still be on schedule  for delivery on or before next Thursday, Christmas Eve, even to the West Coast! And who knows, we may just decide to continue this program going forward. Make sure to visit the blog or subscribe to OWC Larry’s Tips n’ Deals Newsletter for any update on our free shipping offer.

To make sure you get something for everyone on your list and get it delivered by 12/24, visit the OWC Holiday Deal page for the latest deals.

And even if you’re the last minute type – with our special Priority Processing shipment option, you can order as late as 10:30PM Central Time for nearly guaranteed Same Day Ship Out – so there is still plenty of time to get all the tech gear on your Christmas list from OWC for the best Christmas morning ever.

Voyager Saves The Day With Some Underwater Salvage

Friday, December 11th, 2009 | Author:

SCUBAglobe“You just don’t know how happy I am right now,” underwater photographer Frazier Nivens recently wrote to us.

After a recent computer failure, he thought some of his images were gone forever, like old sailors gone to the proverbial Davy Jones Locker.

“I lost my trusty old G5, which had two internal hard drives with tons of data. I had them backed up most of the important folders, but not all. With the Voyager I was able to plug in the drives that wouldn’t mount or boot up, and they fired up and I am now happily removing all the files off the drive.”

Nivens reports clear sailing now and cannot fathom why anyone who works with computers would be without one. And with awesome underwater images like these, it’s no wonder Nivens wanted to access them by going on a data recovery voyage.

“Best thing I’ve ever bought … everybody needs one, who works with computers,” he noted. “Very happy here.”

Don’t let your data, photos, music or video get lost at sea — keep a Voyager Q or a Voyager S2 in your home port.