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Other World Computing Voted About.com 2013 Readers’ Choice for ‘Best Mac Peripheral Reseller’

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013 | Author:

We’re quite flattered to have been honored with the About.com 2013 Readers’ Choice Award for “Best Mac Peripheral Reseller” for the second consecutive year. OWC received overwhelming support with 95% of all votes cast among finalists including national online-retailer Newegg and Vermont-based Small Dog Electronics. If you were among the voters, thank you for trust and confidence in us!

OWC Repeats for ‘Best Mac Peripherals’ Category

About.com’s popular reader-driven awards program began in 2008 and has expanded to highlight the best products, features, and services across a wide variety of topics ranging from technology to hobbies to parenting and more. This year was the second edition of the awards to feature the Best Mac Peripherals category, which was open to both brick-and-mortar and online resellers. Enthusiastic online voting resulted in OWC being honored with the title of Best Mac Peripheral Reseller.

The Why Behind the Voting

Perhaps we’ve been selected as the Readers Choice honoree twice now because the Mac community appreciates the fact that we aren’t just about creating ‘insanely great’ products. We pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive support in the industry.  That support comes in many ways…some very apparent like our free ‘how-to’ install videos, 24/7 live chat, and easy to use on-line guides that make finding and choosing upgrades hassle-free. Other support efforts are behind the scenes to some degree..but again done to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction with both the product and ordering experience. Little things like making sure complete specifications and compatibilities are clearly listed on the site and packaging so the correct product is purchased. And bigger aspects like shipping hard drives in a patent-pending anti-shock packaging design. That packaging design alone enables us to offer a 90 day hard drive direct replacement program. If an internal drive purchased from us fails within 90 days of purchase, you don’t have the complexities of contacting a drive manufacturer directly in order to receive a refurbished replacement. We directly replace with a brand new drive.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t end with mentioning the ingredient that’s perhaps at the heart of the OWC Difference. There’s always someone here ready to talk to you and show you that we care. From our Founder and CEO, OWC Larry, who often can be found answering blog post comments; to that friendly voice you hear on the phone or can feel in an email. We all exist to serve you in the manner we ourselves would like to be treated.

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Taking Extreme Performance to Heart at CES

Friday, January 18th, 2013 | Author:

Elite, Extreme, Pro…those are just a few of the descriptive terms found in many of our products’ names. We use them because we push the envelope past what’s commonly available because we know that’s what you’ve come to expect from us.

While the OWC Blog is mostly centered on news about products, Mac teardown tips & findings, and industry news, we do occasionally cut loose and have some fun. But, that fun is also taken to the extreme to honor that “work hard, play hard” phrase.

Most nights at CES, the OWC team eats dinner right after the show closes and then we hit our rooms to do, as I say, our “day jobs”. This year, I knew I had to make some time to make one night an extreme adventure. Article Continues…

OWC Aura Still 100% Compatible With rMBP

Thursday, November 8th, 2012 | Author:

We were contacted by a very high level source today that had received some serious misinformation that the factory flash drive in the 2012 13″ MacBook Pro with Retina display was soldered in, thus leaving the machine not able to be upgraded. We won’t go into details, but it was enough that we thought that we should nip any bad info in the bud about this, in case you too may have been misinformed.

Absolutely nothing has changed in the last two weeks since we confirmed the ability to upgrade the new rMBP with an OWC Mercury Aura Pro SSD.

In fact, for some “independent” confirmation, head over to ZDNet and read Jason O’Grady’s take on it from earlier today. You’ll see that he had no problems using an OWC Aura in a rMBP. And… spoiler alert… he found the Aura was both faster and less expensive than the Apple unit, too!

UPDATE 2:43PM 11/8/12

Seems as though Rob over at Barefeats.com also posted a performance benchmark test today showing the Aura Pro is compatible with the rMBPS as well as how it smokes the factory drive in Quickbench and AJA System Test results.

OWC Continues “Green Power” Initiative; Uses 100% Renewable Energy

Monday, November 5th, 2012 | Author:

We’re mighty proud of our LEED Platinum Certified headquarters, especially our on-site Wind Turbine, which, under optimal conditions, can produce up to 125 million Kilowatt-Hours of energy in a year. Unfortunately, until we manage to build a weather machine to keep a steady breeze blowing 24/7, 365 days a year, there are just going to be days when the turbine just doesn’t turn.

That mostly is an exception though. Thanks to the turbine, besides producing enough power to fulfill the usage needs of our entire facility including a data center, we often are a net energy producer and supply others in our area with energy via the wind. In the first quarter of 2012, we produced 291,719kWh of electricity, which was 3% more than the 282,335kWh we consumed. As recently as October, we produced 92,367kWh versus 66,802kWh consumed, with that 38% net energy production being put back on the grid to power, on average, a neighborhood of about 40 homes.

While the wind isn’t always blowing,  our agreement with Excelon to supply us with REC’s (Renewable Energy Certificates, each of which effectively represent 1 megawatt of energy) ensures that when the power needs to flow the other direction, it was generated by another wind turbine located elsewhere. This way, even when wind conditions aren’t optimal at our location, the energy we’re using still effectively comes from a green, renewable, emissions-free source.

To learn more about OWC’s wind turbine and all of our high-efficiency, LEED facility aspects, visit our “Green” page.

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FBI Issues Warning To Android Users

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 | Author:

Say what you want to about Apple and their controlling, even heavy-handed policies and decisions at times. But for sure, the FBI has never issued a warning to users of Apple’s devices like it did this past Friday to Android users.

The short of it is the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) says it was “made aware of various malware attacking Android operating systems for mobile devices. Some of the latest known versions of this type of malware are Loozfon and FinFisher.”

There’s over a dozen recommendations on how to keep you and your Smartphone running Android safe from negative consequences.

They might have added another: Just buy an iPhone.

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