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How Training & Resources Serve OWC Customers

Friday, March 4th, 2011 | Author:

As a first time poster,  I would love to share my OWC experience with you and how it makes a difference for you.

You may remember an introduction to OWC’s hybrid representative role from a blog post in June 2010. OWC Tracey explained the extensive training involved in preparing “hybrid” reps with the various skills and knowledge necessary to provide one-call resolution for our customers. I was one of the reps hired at the same time as Tracey and I must completely agree with her conclusion. OWC Hybrid Training offers a way to serve our customers with in-depth knowledge.

And, truthfully, that training never really stops. With over 2,900 products and new products being developed everyday, it really can’t. Fortunately, we have so many resources at hand that we can learn something new every day.

Just a few weeks ago, a customer asked me a very specific question: “How would you describe what your gel case feels like compared to you carbon fiber case for the iPhone 4?” OH NO! I had never actually held either case in my hands. I had read the press releases and even seen the cases in our product training classes, but what on earth do they feel like? I had no idea. Article Continues…

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