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A Whole Batch Of New Instructional Videos From OWC

Thursday, March 20th, 2014 | Author:

moviecameraWe at OWC are always hard at work to help you get the most from your Mac – both older and newer models. And since it’s been a little while since we’ve showed our OWC Blog readers our new additions to our Instructional Series of videos, we thought we’d give you a look at what the OWC video team has been up to lately.

As you can see after the jump, we’ve recently added a whole batch of new instructional videos for your benefit. You can head over to our Tech Center or our YouTube Channel to check them out: Article Continues…

Get The Most Out Of Your PlayStation 4 With OWC

Monday, January 20th, 2014 | Author:

PR_OWC_PS4SSDSo, you bought yourself a PlayStation 4 and you’re ready to start playing. Not so fast…before you can play, you have to download your first game. And that’s the moment you realize that many games will take up a decent chunk of your 500GB stock hard drive.

Then you start doing the math. How many games can you fit with some downloads being up to 50GB? No one wants to see the pop-up message telling you that you do not have enough space to download your next favorite game.

Well, once again OWC has the solution for you. We have all the space you could want, letting your double or even triple your PS4’s capacity, starting at just $99.99. Or perhaps you are a performance gamer looking for the quickest load times possible. Our SSD options will cover that and give you faster load, saving and boot times. Article Continues…

Step-By-Step Video Assists With Firmware Installation

Friday, October 11th, 2013 | Author:

PR_SSDfirmwareLast week, OWC released its new proprietary firmware version for its industry-leading, SandForce-driven Solid State Drive line. The update is available free for download and adds the ability to update your SSD from a bootable USB drive or a CD/DVD and contains general performance enhancements and reliability fixes.

If you haven’t yet made the update, or are looking for extra instruction while doing so, OWC has now released a step-by-step video detailing the installation.

We hope the video will assist you during installation, and if you require further assistance, please contact our Technical Support Department at 800-275-4576, via email, or live chat and we will be happy to assist with your update process.

You can find the video in our Tech Center, and we’ve also embedded it after the break

Article Continues…

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Two More Installation Videos Posted

Monday, December 3rd, 2012 | Author:

With all the crazy activity last week, including Cyber Week specials, Fusion Drives, and coverage of the new iMac, you might have thought we forgot about any other Mac models. Don’t worry, we haven’t.

We’ve got two more videos for you this time around. The first rounds out our upgrades for the 2012 Mac mini, where we show you how to replace the existing drive, not just add a second one.

The other one is for you fans of the 13” MacBook Pro with Retina display. Here, we show you how to replace the stock SSD with a larger-capacity OWC Mercury Aura Pro SSD.

As always, you can find all our Instructional Series of videos in our Tech Center, on our YouTube channel, and as iTunes Video Podcasts.

More Instructional Videos Posted.

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 | Author:

Among our various video endeavors, our Instructional Series of videos is probably the most well-regarded. After all, how can you not like free, step-by-step instructions on upgrading your Mac?

Continuing in our pursuit of providing you with the most comprehensive instructional set offered by any source, we’ve added a couple more videos to the list. 2012 Mac mini owners are the beneficiaries this time around, with a pair of videos showing how to upgrade the Memory, and how to install a second internal drive by way of an OWC Data Doubler kit.

As always, you can find these new videos in our Tech Center, as well as on our YouTube channel, with an iTunes version to come in the near future.

Oh… and while we’re talking about videos, don’t forget to vote for OWC in the 2013 Meet Me at CES Video Contest. There’s only a few days left, so make sure to vote for us daily and let all of CES see the OWC Difference.