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Apple Warranty Flexibility Just A Phone Call Away

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014 | Author:

LarrysDeskWarranty expiration dates always seem to have a way of sneaking up on us.

And recently, I found myself up against the warranty clock with my MacBook Pro. The machine was having an issue with the Retina screen. Several pesky pixels were “stuck on” displaying white dots where they weren’t supposed to.

It was admittedly a minor issue, but the Retina displays are expensive, and I definitely wanted to make sure it was taken care of under warranty.

But as it wasn’t a major issue for daily use, I put off dealing with it. And then suddenly it was do-or-die time with the warranty – and the date just happened to intersect fatefully with CES 2014. I could not take my MacBook in to Apple and be without it at CES, and I was short on time to borrow a Mac and get transferred over and tested. Article Continues…

OWC Drives Help Bring Production To Life

Friday, February 28th, 2014 | Author:

PR_MEPS_USB3By David Miess, Psychic Bunny

Light carves through the darkness like a scythe, bringing the archeologist in touch with artifacts from a century ago. The year is 2114. The location is downtown Los Angeles. He gingerly walks through the ancient office, gaping at dusty cheesegrater Mac Pros like the inaugural visitor to a new museum. The man then stumbles upon a peculiar sight—hundreds of shiny silver bricks. What could this be? Didn’t people back then use small thumb drives?

In the world of film production, large-capacity hard drives are a necessity. At our hybrid media studio, Psychic Bunny, we rely on OWC drives for duplicating footage during shoots, transferring materials back and forth between servers, and as backup solutions. There’s nothing like the warm, fuzzy feeling you get on a shoot after you’ve duplicated that vulnerable little RED card to not one, but two Mercury Elite Pros—one as a main footage drive, and the other as a backup.  Article Continues…

Women In Tech: Q&A With …

Thursday, February 6th, 2014 | Author:

PrintLesa Kertz has been a graphic designer at OWC for three and a half years. She is one of the veteran employees that made the move from Woodstock, Ill. when the company opened its Austin, Texas office in late 2012. Lesa sat down with OWC’s Women in Tech Blog to reflect on her career with OWC and talk about her goals for the future. She also opened up about how and why the landscape for women in the tech industry is improving so rapidly.

What was it that first attracted you to the tech sector?

Actually, I didn’t really know much about the tech industry before working at OWC. I didn’t really set out to work for a tech company; I just wanted to work for a company that was making a difference. I found that at OWC. Having an insider’s view of what’s coming next for the tech industry is an extra benefit. Article Continues…

Gadgets have feelings, too …

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014 | Author:

Whether you’re at home, at work, or umpiring a high-stakes T-ball game, it’s a fact: no one likes being yelled at.

But it’s not just people that have feelings. As this video demonstrates, raising your voice to your beloved hard drives can take a toll on their performance, as well …

As always, OWC has taken notice of the everyday dangers that your drives face. That’s why OWC enclosures incorporate shock-isolation technology to provide maximum protection for your data and give your drives thick enough skin to handle shock and vibration from even the sternest of baritone yells, or the loudest of stereo systems.

But remember, you shouldn’t yell at your gadgets. They have feelings, too … and they certainly can feel when you’re expressing yours, or when you’re really cranking the tunes.

Women in Tech: Why ‘Non-Techies’ Should Pursue a Tech Career

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014 | Author:

PrintEmbarrassing story time. No, I’m not going rehash the details about the time when I rode my bike into a mailbox, or when I didn’t realize I was singing along to my iPod at work, or even that time when my pants ripped at school and I had to spend the whole day praying that my backpack was low enough to save me from indecent exposure.

No, this story is even more embarrassing considering where I work. Here it goes—when I started at OWC, I didn’t even know what an SSD was. I had used a Mac a handful of times, and the idea that someone could open up their computer and make upgrades seemed like something that should only be done by highly trained professionals in a sterile lab. Feel free to gasp, guffaw, whatever you have to do to let out your disbelief. I obviously used technology in my day-to-day life, but not to an advanced extent. I didn’t study a technology field in college—in fact, I majored in Public Relations with an emphasis on cafeteria-tray sledding, competitive pizza eating, and Frisbee Golf (don’t pretend like you didn’t do at least one of those things). I am, by definition, a “non-techie”. Article Continues…