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Beatweek Award Refreshes OWC’s Memory

Thursday, December 13th, 2012 | Author:

It’s pretty widely known that upgrading your Mac’s RAM is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to speed up your machine. In fact, we recently outlined in our Blog just how simple the equation is: More Memory = A Faster Mac. And when it comes to upgrading your Mac’s RAM, no one is better suited to meet your needs than Other World Computing.

Already well-decorated, OWC memory was recently recognized in Beatweek Magazine as the “Best RAM Upgrade for 2013″. Beatweek applauds OWC’s reputation for quality memory and recommends it over “off-brand companies who might be sending you RAM chips that are bad by the time you get them or go bad shortly after you install them.”

As Beatweek points out, having sufficient RAM helps programs run faster and makes moving between apps much quicker. However, having too little RAM can cause your computer to start using empty hard drive space  as a form of virtual RAM — and this causes your machine to slow down. And your machine is more susceptible to these slowdowns as operating systems and software programs advance.

So don’t wait until these slowdowns begin to cost you valuable time, take a page out of Beatweek Magazine and upgrade your Mac’s memory today.

OWC Announces Memory Upgrade DIY Kit For 2012 21.5″ Apple iMac

Thursday, December 13th, 2012 | Author:

Other World Computing announced today the immediate availability of the OWC Memory Upgrade DIY Kit for 2012 21.5″ iMac models that began shipping recently. Offering up to double the RAM — 16GB — versus the factory base configuration of 8GB, the OWC Memory Upgrade DIY Kit comes complete with an iMac opening tool, suction cups for safe screen removal, 11-piece toolkit, foam adhesive for proper glass and display resealing, and microfiber screen cloth. Both this complete kit and a no tools, memory modules only kit are supported by a ‘how-to’ video and OWC Lifetime warranty.

Savings Over $100 Compared To Factory Upgrade

When compared to the same-sized factory maximum memory option of 16GB, the $119.00 OWC Memory Upgrade DIY Kit offers savings over 40 percent compared to the factory cost of $200. For even more savings, 2012 21.5″ iMac owners can trade-in the two factory base 4GB memory modules for $20 and enjoy a total savings of over $100. Article Continues…

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