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Father’s Day Guide: The Protective Dad

Friday, May 31st, 2013 | Author:

Father’s Day is tough. Gift ideas are not easy to come by … and let’s face it, dad isn’t much help. So this year we’ve decided to go all out for dad’s big day. In this series leading up to June 16, we’ll give great gift ideas for all types of dads.

If you’re dad is anything like mine, he’s always been pretty protective of his kids. For example, he’s fended off serious cases of pasty skin by not letting you play video games for eight hours on a Saturday afternoon. He’s also bravely kept all of your threatening high school crushes at bay with weird jokes and timely underwear-clad appearances.

OK, dad occasionally protects us from bad stuff, too. So this Father’s Day, it’s your turn to return the favor and be protective of your dad … well, his iPhone anyway. Article Continues…

Get A Grip!

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013 | Author:

Usually when someone tells you to “get a grip,” it means they think you’ve done something crazy and need to get back in touch with reality. You might be trying to drive your car while practicing the trumpet (not kidding, it’s been seen). You might be so obsessed with reaching the next level on your game that you didn’t even notice the kids painting a mural on the wall with chocolate pudding. You might have even forgotten about your nosy neighbors and ventured outside in your bathrobe. If you do any of those things…well, those things are all crazy and someone very rightly should tell you to get a grip. But someone could also be telling you to “get a grip” as in “get a NuGuard GripStand or GripBase for your iPad or iPad Mini.” And if you don’t already have one, well that might make you crazy too. Article Continues…

The Other World – Episode 75

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013 | Author:

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OWC Closed to Observe Memorial Day

Monday, May 27th, 2013 | Author:
American Flag, Memorial Day

The American Flag just before sunrise today in Woodstock

OWC is closed today in honor and recognition of Memorial Day. In service to these United States of America, thousands have given their lives protecting and preserving that Freedom and Liberty for which she stands. Today we honor and commemorate our fallen with parades, speeches, and family observances.

This solemn day of remembrance was originally designated in 1868 to be recognized each year on the 30th of May. In 1971 Congress passed legislation to change the recognized day to instead fall on the last Monday of each May, effectively making it part of a three-day weekend. With respect to what this day is about, I do believe and without regard to a weekend or last Monday of a month, that this 1971 legislation should be undone. A great source of information on this important day and its history is the website www.USMemorialDay.org. Article Continues…

OWC Closed Today in Observance of Memorial Day

Monday, May 27th, 2013 | Author:

Other World Computing will be closed today, May 27th, in observance of Memorial Day.

We will return to normal business operations tomorrow, May 28th, beginning at 12:01AM CT with Live Chat. Our normal telephone support resumes at 8:00AM CT.

Our sincere thanks and gratitude goes out to all those serving in our Armed Forces, as well as those who have served over the years. We remember and honor those that have fallen in the line of duty. Our hearts go with all of you who have lost loved ones in time of war and strife.

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