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Kicking For Science: The ARKYD Project

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013 | Author:

As you proabably already know, OWC has quite the affinity for advancements in both science and space. On May 29th, Planetary Resources launched their Kickstarter project “ARKYD: A Space Telescope for Everyone”. A great project that involves a low Earth orbit telescope that will be made accessible by the public for educational and general space community purposes.

planetaryWho is Planetary Resources?

Planetary Resources is a private company that was founded by Eric Anderson and Peter H. Diamandis, M.D. to mine asteroids for precious metals and other resources. They plan to create a fleet of low cost robotic spacecraft to help accomplish this goal. In mining asteroids for their resources it will greatly expand upon the available resources we have available to us even as the resources of our planet are being depleted.

What is the ARKYD project?

This is the start of technology that was only in Sci-Fiction starting to become reality now. Space telescopes and technology to take pictures with them have of course existed for some time. However, the intended use of the telescopes that Planetary Resources plan to begin deploying will lead to scanning of asteroids for the resources and of course the mining of them.

The ARKYD itself is an advanced space-based telescope that they are making available to the backers for use. The ARKYD’s overall function depends on the series of the ARKYD unit. The ARKYD 100, which is what is being developed for this Kickstarter project, is designed as a low Earth orbit commercial telescope within the reach of the private citizen. “The ARKYD contains the critical structures, avionics, attitude determination and control, and instrumentation that enable low-cost asteroid exploration.Article Continues…

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