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OWC Announces Memory Upgrade Kits For New 2013 21.5″ Apple iMac Core i3 Education Model

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013 | Author:

Other World Computing announced today the immediate availability of the OWC Memory Upgrade DIY Kit for 2013 21.5″ Apple iMac Core i3 Education models introduced last week. Offering up to 4x the RAM — 16GB — versus the factory base configuration of 4GB, the OWC Memory Upgrade DIY Kits come complete with an iMac opening tool, suction cups for safe screen removal, 11-piece toolkit, foam adhesive for proper glass and display resealing, and microfiber screen cloth. Both an 8GB and 16GB complete kit, as well as no tools, memory modules only kits, are supported by a ‘how-to’ video and OWC Lifetime warranty.

Savings Over $140 Compared To Factory Upgrade

When compared to the same-sized factory maximum memory option of 16GB, the $149.99 OWC Memory Upgrade DIY Kit offers 44 percent savings compared to the factory cost of $270. For even more savings, memory modules only (no tools) kits can be selected as well as the two factory base 2GB memory modules can be traded-in to OWC for a cash-back rebate. Article Continues…

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21.5-inch iMac Late 2012 Unboxing

Friday, November 30th, 2012 | Author:

The first of our new 21.5″ iMacs has arrived. Not only has Apple slimmed down the iMac itself, but they’ve also slimmed down the packaging to an attractive wedge shape. Here’s a few unboxing photos for your visual pleasure…

As always, follow the OWC Blog for industry coverage, tips, and more tricks for keeping your Apple products at their best. We’ll post back soon once we get some initial testing done on this baby.

OWC Turnkey Program for 2011 iMacs Announced.

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011 | Author:

You know that feeling of accomplishment when you’ve overcome a huge obstacle and you can’t wait to tell the entire world about it? Well, we’ve got it; we’ve overcome the whole “fan/drive sensor” problem found when installing a non-factory drive in the 2011 iMacs. That means we can now officially announce the OWC Turnkey Program for the 2011 iMacs.

We’re also going to one-up the 2010 program by including upgrade options for both the 21.5″ and the 27″ 2011 iMac models.

That drive sensor thing was a big hurdle. Apple uses a custom firmware that sends temperature info in a non-standard fashion. Unfortunately, unless the drive has this special firmware, the fans spin at full speed. We wanted a solution that would be a long-term solution that wasn’t dependent on a software patch or hack. Though those sorts of fixes can be temporarily effective, we didn’t want to rely on them for two reasons:

  1. they put overhead on the bus which can reduce performance
  2. a software solution can can fail or be rendered non-functional by a wide variety of actions (software updates, system reinstalls, etc.) which could risk the hard drive and the data contained on it.

So, we went another route and developed a hardware solution that interfaces accurately and properly with what can be viewed as a frustratingly unique temperature data monitoring method by Apple. While our solution adds a little bit to the cost of upgrading the iMac’s hard drives, we feel that cost is more than offset by the advantages it has over software solutions. Article Continues…

Free iMac inner view desktop background from OWC

Friday, November 20th, 2009 | Author:

imac27desktopFor those of you who want to let your inner geek show, have we got the desktop background for you!

While we’ve been exploring potential ways to upgrade the hard drive in the new iMacs, our own OWC Jamie took these photos of the new machines with their screens removed to expose the electronic goodness found inside.  They make quite unique desktop pictures.

Or, you could use this as a static screensaver to discourage others from using your precious computer making them think your machine is down for maintenance.

The desktops are custom sized to the resolutions of the respective monitors:

21.5″ iMac   : 1920 x 1080

27″ iMac      : 2560 x 1440

To download, right-click on the links above and Choose “Save Linked File”

To install your desktop background, go to System Preferences (on the Apple menu) and choose Desktop & Screen Saver (in Personal): Desktop (control-clicking the desktop and choosing Change Desktop Background… from the pop-up menu will also get you there), then click Folder… (in the left panel) and select the folder in which you saved the picture. If the folder is not in the list, click the “+” in the lower left and navigate to the correct folder to add it. Click the picture in the right panel to display it as your desktop background.