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Magic 2014: Dueling With Cards

Sunday, December 29th, 2013 | Author:

Magic-2014-Campaign-LogoIn one of my earlier game reviews, I reviewed a game called Shadow Era, which was a great twist and a pretty solid game. I’m still playing it and now that its first expansion has come out, there’s a lot more cards, strategy and challenges to be had.

Alas, I have to say, it barely holds a candle to the trading card game giant, Magic the Gathering. MTG has brought out a few games, but today we’re going to take a good look at Magic 2014. So grab your dice and get ready to rumble planeswalkers, it’s time to take out your iPad and make some magic. Article Continues…

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Apple Releases Firmware Update For New Mac Pro Model

Friday, December 20th, 2013 | Author:

Apple didn’t waste any time in issuing a firmware update for its Mac Pro (Late 2013) models.

Right when you get your hands on the shiny new cylindrical machine, there’ll be a firmware update waiting for it, according to several rumor sites. Apple says the update will improve system reliability during reboot, resolve an issue with memory self-test, and improve graphics power management when using Boot Camp.

The update can be downloaded directly from the Apple Support site.

And don’t be fooled by the silver Mac Pro image on Apple’s firmware info page.

The upgrade is indeed intended for the cylindrical 2013 Mac Pro with Model ID: MacPro6,1. Just a little Mac Pro image faux pas. :)


Update: Apple has corrected the Mac Pro image associated with the update.

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OWC Announces Availability of Memory Upgrades For New Apple Mac Pro ‘2013’ with Savings of up to 37% vs. factory upgrade options

Thursday, December 19th, 2013 | Author:

Mac Pro Late 2013 MemoryOther World Computing today officially announced the full certification and availability of OWC Memory upgrade kits for Apple’s new Mac Pro 2013 models. These new ECC 1866MHz Quad-Channel Matched Kits are now available in 32GB and 64GB kits and offer savings of up to 31% versus the factory option cost additions. Generous trade-in rebates for factory installed memory provide for net savings of up to over 37% versus factory.

Since the first Mac Pro in 2006, OWC has been the first to market and leading after-market provider of memory for the every Mac Pro Apple has introduced. All OWC Memory upgrade sets for Apple Mac Pro 2013 models consist of four matched, true 1866MHz modules (no overclocking, full rated components), tested and certified to meet, if not exceed Apple Design Specifications.  They are fully RoHS and JEDEC compliant, and designed to provide the full benefit this latest Mac Pro can garner from its high-performance memory bus. Like all OWC Memory Upgrades, the Mac Pro Upgrade Kits are backed with a Money Back Guarantee and OWC’s Lifetime Advance Replacement Warranty. Article Continues…

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Hurry Up And Wait, The New Mac Pro Is … Near?

Thursday, December 19th, 2013 | Author: and

confused-GlobeWell it’s been an interesting few days on the Apple front. Yesterday, the company announced the Mac Pro will be available today and now most orders are pushed back to Jan. 2 or even Feb. 7. Delivery is all over the map with units scheduled to arrive on several different dates according to reports on rumors site.

In any case, it would be this author’s guess that there is something in the chain causing the delay (well duh, right?). Perhaps they just barely got those assembly lines going, or maybe they way, way underestimated the pent-up demand. It’s certainly possible the line just now got going, but Apple had to make its December 2013 promise happen.

Of course, being “Mac heads” we’re used to a certain level of reliability with Apple on these things. So if they were holding to ensure quality – and hey, quality is worth waiting for – they should just be up front about it. Announcing that it’s available when the demand is known, and then having delivery dates slip like that does not “available” make.

It’s hard to recall any major system introduction or order availability happening overnight and without fan fare. And the result was that the “early birds” got the Mac Pros, or at least will have them within a couple weeks, while everyone else waking up this morning will see backlogs stretching into February or longer (estimates say February as of the posting of this blog). This is particularly shocking for a system that’s been four years in the making and six months since it was first shown off at WWDC. Article Continues…

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OWC Memory For 2013 Mac Pro Available For Pre-Order

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 | Author:

PR_MP13MEM_blogCoinciding with Apple’s announcement today that the new Mac Pro will be available to order starting Thursday, Dec. 19, Other World Computing is now taking pre-orders on memory upgrade kits for the newly designed machine that will begin shipping when the Mac Pro rolls out.

With upgrades of up to 64GB of 1866MHz DDR3 ECC OWC memory available starting from $449.00, you’ll get the best performance from your new Mac Pro with up to an expected savings of up to 37% vs. factory upgrades through Apple.

OWC has been first to announce and provide after-market memory upgrades of the correct specification and qualification for each and every Mac Pro model since the very first Mac Pro in 2006, and we’re pleased to keep that streak going. OWC has memory available for every Mac Pro model – 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2012 – in stock with configurations up to 128GB.

And of course, OWC memory for the 2013 Mac Pro is built with the best components, is backed by OWC’s industry leading lifetime advance replacement warranty, and meets Apple’s specifications with special attention to proper thermal specifications.

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