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Making Your Current Mac Pro Perform Better Than New

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013 | Author:

Last week OWC Larry posed the query – Why Wait For The New Mac Pro? and he touched a bit on the myriad of performance upgrades that are available.

But why should you upgrade aging technology rather than saving up for the new shiny toy? Simple – It just makes good financial sense to buy the current units and upgrade (or even less just to upgrade your existing 2009-2010 Mac Pro). Pricing has yet to be announced on the new Mac Pro, but I tend to agree with many of the experts out there on this one – the entry level price is probably going to exceed the $2,500 entry-level price tag that Mac Pro owners have gotten used to from Apple. I’m actually expecting it to exceed the $3000 mark.

Add in the cost of adding external components for your storage as there are no internal upgrade bays for your existing data storage, and it’s a bargain to make your existing Mac Pro new again.

The fact remains that today’s Mac Pro models are still very viable workhorses in the professional computing arena. And they offer at least a few advantages over the new Mac Pro that will be released later this year – mainly in the immediate availability of upgrades including the OWC Mercury Accelsior PCIe SSD.

Simply put, an upgraded 2009 or 2010 Mac Pro is by far no slouch when it comes to computing speeds. Article Continues…

Why Wait For The New Mac Pro?

Friday, August 30th, 2013 | Author:

Create a lightning-fast workhorse with OWC today!

We’re excited about the impending release of the newly announced 2013 Mac Pro, but your current Mac Pro may have more potential under the hood than you thought. Many people simply don’t take advantage of the upgradeability of their Mac Pro, and OWC makes upgrading easy with free install videos and U.S.-based technical support.

When you run low on memory, everything moves slower than it should. Adding OWC memory provides night-and-day performance gains up to 64GB in the oldest Mac Pro and up to 128GB in the latest. Our most popular 16GB and 32GB memory upgrade kits are available from as low as $149.00, making that massive performance boost darned affordable.

The current Mac Pro has an advantage over the 2013 Mac Pro in that it can be internally upgraded with up to 16.0TB of drive storage capacity, using 4.0TB hard drives from OWC. You can also upgrade to an OWC Accelsior SSD with up to 2.0TB of storage and 600MB/s for the ultimate performance speed boost.

Need more graphics power? Upgrade your graphics card with several new models recently released. OWC eliminates compatibility guesswork by stocking video cards designed specifically for Mac Pro. OWC never stocks “hack cards.” When you buy a video card from OWC, you can rest easy knowing it will work with your Mac Pro.

Need USB 3.0, eSATA, SAS or more? The expansion slots in your Mac Pro are there for a reason, and you can upgrade with any of the great Mac-friendly PCIe expansion cards offered by OWC.

Other World Computing Announces Accelsior PCIe SSD Trade-Up Program

Thursday, April 25th, 2013 | Author:

Other World Computing today announced the OWC Mercury Accelsior PCIe SSD Trade-Up Program. The program enables owners of the original Accelsior PCIe card to trade up to a new Accelsior_E2 card and get a cash rebate or upgrade storage capacity up to 960GB with higher capacity Accelsior SSD blades. The new Accelsior_E2 card features two bootable 6Gb/s expansion interfaces for connecting eSATA external drives for the highest possible internal and external storage performance. Article Continues…

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Other World Computing Announces Mercury Helios+E2 as ‘Ultimate All-In-One’ Thunderbolt Enabled Storage Solution for Macs and PCs

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013 | Author:

Other World Computing today introduced the OWC Mercury Helios+E2 Thunderbolt SSD Solution. The bootable ‘all-in-one’ storage performance and expansion solution offers owners of Thunderbolt technology enabled Macs and PCs sustained read/write data throughput up to 617MB/s from up to 960GB of OWC Mercury SSD capacity; two Thunderbolt interfaces for connecting multiple Thunderbolt devices; and two eSATA 6Gb/s expansion ports for connecting up to an additional 32TB or more of external storage/backup capacity. Article Continues…

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Benchmarking the OWC Mercury Accelsior_E2

Friday, April 19th, 2013 | Author:

The original OWC Mercury Accelsior has been a phenomenal product. To put it simply, those who’ve used it – they never look back. However, we wanted to improve upon the Accelsior’s design by offering both internal and external storage capability, so earlier this week we announced the OWC Mercury Accelsior_E2.

This new Accelsior model again offers extremely fast internal storage and adds fast external storage capability with the addition of two 6Gb/s eSATA expansion interfaces. Now you truly can have the best combination of speed, capacity, and connectivity for simultaneous internal and external storage performance.

And you aren’t limited to needing to have an available PCIe slot in a Mac Pro or PC to benefit from the Accelsior_E2. By installing it into an OWC Mercury Helios Thunderbolt expansion chassis, you can turn the Accelsior_E2 into the ultimate external SSD for Thunderbolt technology enabled Mac mini, iMac ,and MacBook machines.

“So, how does it perform?” you might be asking yourself. We’ve put the OWC Mercury Accelsior_E2 through its paces here at the OWC Test Lab and here’s what we’ve come up with: Article Continues…