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Pledge Your Birthday For World Water Day

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013 | Author:

It’s a fairly common birthday ritual. You go out on the town, and you let your friends generously buy you drinks while celebrating the occasion. This is always a very nice gesture, but for your birthday this year, why not add a twist and let your friends and family buy an even more important drink?

March 22 is recognized around the globe as World Water Day. And charity: water is doing its part to spread the word by asking for birthday pledges this year to help raise funds to build clean water projects around the world. Pledging your birthday is simple. All you have to do is visit charity: water’s birthday pledge page and sign up with your email and birthday. When the date nears, charity: water will send you a reminder with info on how to start fundraising.

You may already be familiar with charity: water from OWC’s 25th Year Kickoff Celebration campaign with the organization which helped raise more than $1.5 million last year. Now, OWC and charity: water want to continue the effort and help bring attention to World Water Day. The day was first declared by the UN in 1993, and has been recognized each year since. The goal for the day is to draw attention to critical water issues of our era. And in order to show support, the general public is encouraged to not use their taps throughout the entire day. You can also help spread the word about World Water Day by using the hashtag #WorldWaterDay with your Tweets.

So make sure you do your part and turn off the tap on March 22. And instead of letting those close to you buy you a beverage for your birthday this year, take the chance to help those who are truly in need of a clean drink.

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An Update From charity: water

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013 | Author:

As part of our 25th Year Kickoff Celebration, Other World Computing asked you, our loyal readers and customers, to join our charity: water fundraising campaign.

This campaign was just part of a larger overall charity: water campaign called “100 wells for the holidays” where the goal was to raise one million dollars to fund 100 wells in. We’re pleased to report that, with your help, “100 wells for the holidays” raised over $1.5 million. That means that 156 wells have been funded to bring clean water to as many communities.

We’ve just been given notification that out of the 1882 total campaigns that were started, OWC’s campaign raised the most overall towards that goal and that the funds have now been sent into the field so all the prep work can begin.

According to charity: water, “Ethiopia is one of the most populous countries in Africa — more than 84 million people live there. It’s also one of the poorest. About 56% of the population doesn’t have access to clean water, and that percentage is even higher in the rural areas where we work. 

Thanks to you, our local partner, A Glimmer of Hope, and their implementing partner, The Relief Society of Tigray, are busy working on a total of 112 new and rehabilitated hand-dug wells, 82 new and rehabilitated drilled wells and 25 new and rehabilitated spring protections. These projects will bring clean, safe water to over 61,000 people.

Once again, we wanted to say thank you and we will keep you posted as we learn more about the installation of these wells.

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OWC Announces 25th Year Kickoff Sweepstakes Winners

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013 | Author:

Back in November, Other World Computing announced that it would kick off its 25th year of providing award-winning products, service, and support to the Apple community and tech industry with a special ‘25th Year Kickoff Celebration’ sweepstakes. A lucky 25 randomly chosen participants would receive a high-performance OWC Mercury On-The-Go Pro bus-powered portable storage solution featuring 1.0TB of storage and FireWire 800/400 and USB 3.0/2.0 interfaces.

So, nearly three months and almost 6,000 entrants later, OWC is ready to announce the list of winners of the sweepstakes!

Congratulations to these lucky participants: Article Continues…

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OWC Campaign Helps Bring Water To Thousands

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013 | Author:

As 2012 came to a close, Other World Computing’s fundraising campaign with charity: water also saw its conclusion. And since our last blog update, the campaign received an impressive $17,070 in additional donations, which was matched by OWC, bringing the total to $79,774 raised! These donations helped OWC raise more funds for charity: water than any other campaign during Q4 or the holiday season!

Beginning November 1 in conjunction with OWC’s “25th Year Kickoff Celebration” sweepstakes, the fundraising campaign was created to help people without access to clean water. OWC donated $1 for each entrant of the sweepstakes, new newsletter subscribers, and up to $5 for each Twitter follower it had or gained during the campaign. OWC also matched donations that were made directly to the campaign. Article Continues…

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Efforts Continue For charity: water

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012 | Author:

There may be just a few days left until Christmas, but there’s still time to give this holiday season and make a difference in the world. The OWC 25th Year Kickoff Celebration fundraising effort to raise $125,000 for charity: water continues, and with our latest donation match contribution, we’re closing in on the halfway point of that goal. The $45,634 raised through OWC’s efforts has helped bring clean water to 2,281 people so far, but many more need our help.

On average, every $20 raised by charity: water brings clean, safe drinking water to one person meaning any $20 donation you make combined with the OWC match will change two lives forever. OWC will match these donations until December 31, so to take advantage, you’ll have to act soon. And OWC will also donate $1 for each new Twitter follower it gets through December 31, making it easier than ever to help this cause.

For more information, visit charity: water’s website and check out their 2012 year in review video to see what charity: water is all about!

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