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Christmas Hours for OWC / The Other World – Episode 89

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013 | Author:

From all of us at Other World Computing, we would like to wish all of our customers a very happy and safe holiday season.

OWC will be available for “last minute” tech support, customer service, or delivery status assistance requests until 6:00 PM CST today via telephone (with our live chat option also available until 6:00 PM), and we will be closed tomorrow for the Christmas holiday.

Live Chat will resume on Thursday 12/26/13 at 5:00 AM; CST, and our Sales, Technical Support, and Customer Service lines will re-open at 8:00AM.

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Celebrating OWC With Tiny, Blocky Goodness

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013 | Author:

‘Tis the season of gift giving, right? So it’s kinda hard not to be thinking about gifts. Gifts you are going to give, gifts you are hoping to get, gifts you can only dream of, and maybe, gifts that you’ve already given?

After a late night of wrapping presents with my wife and getting them under the tree so our kids can have a full day of guessing and anticipating what is awaiting them under the decorative paper for tomorrow, I thought about a particularly special gift I gave this year.

This year marks my tenth year as OWC’s resident web monkey – a fact I wear very proudly. I’m proud of not only what I have accomplished during my tenure, but what we have done as a company during this time. The strides we’ve made to lower our environmental impact while raising our level of service and customer satisfaction. The innovative new products we engineer. These are things that fill me with pride in OWC. Article Continues…

Great Last Minute NewerTech Stocking Stuffers

Friday, December 20th, 2013 | Author:

GlobemanShoppingOK, Christmas is in less than a week, and you still have stockings to stuff. Not to worry. Not only does NewerTech have tons of options that can solve your problem, we also offer free shipping on most any order of $49 and up.

There are three main characteristics that make a perfect stocking stuffer. First of all, size is a factor because it obviously needs to fit in a stocking. Price is a consideration, because most of us have many stockings to stuff … Christmas is meant to spread cheer, not flirtations with bankruptcy. And finally, you want something that will actually be used. It’s easy to run through a discount retailer and grab hundreds of the knick-knacks they have marked down for the holidays. But lets be honest, most of those end up gathering dust, thrown away or re-gifted.

NewerTech has many products that meet all three of these requirements, but the following four would be especially great components of the perfect Christmas stocking. Article Continues…

Last-Minute Gift Ideas Sure to Spread Cheer this Christmas; Holiday Saver Deals Still Available

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 | Author:

Globe-GiftsWe can’t see you when your sleeping, and we have no idea when you’re awake. But that doesn’t mean OWC doesn’t work just as hard as Santa to bring you exactly what you want for Christmas. Our cutting edge technology and dedication to customer support makes OWC a prime destination for anybody looking to find the perfect gift for the Mac lover in their life.

Without a doubt, OWC has a lot of incredible gift options for Mac lovers, but a few gifts really stand out. Here are some ideas that are sure to bring holiday cheer when found under the tree Christmas morning:

Pre-Owned Macs

It wasn’t too long ago that it would cost thousands of dollars to get the computing power available in one of the many pre-owned Macs available at OWC. But a lot has changed in the past decade, and OWC has the goods to make your holiday Mac wishes come true. OWC has the perfect (and affordable) Christmas gift for anybody that wants to get their hands on a Mac. Article Continues…

Not Too Late For Holiday Shipping From OWC!

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 | Author:

SantaGlobeWe are down to five days left to receive deliveries in time for the big day and it is officially crunch time. As we covered last month, there’s a lot of information to take into account when shopping for the holidays.

But having five days left to receive deliveries means there’s still four days left to order! There’s still hope and we’re certainly still here to help. Our four big tips still ring true for stress-free online shopping; we just have to pay closer attention to the available shipping options. Here are our tips and the breakdown of still available options:

Tip #1: Aim for the Friday before as your absolute last date for receipt. –Monday, Dec. 23rd and Tuesday, Dec. 24th are a delivery days for most carriers so if for some reason your shipment is delayed; you have an extra couple days, just in case. Article Continues…

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