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Get A Grip!

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013 | Author:

Usually when someone tells you to “get a grip,” it means they think you’ve done something crazy and need to get back in touch with reality. You might be trying to drive your car while practicing the trumpet (not kidding, it’s been seen). You might be so obsessed with reaching the next level on your game that you didn’t even notice the kids painting a mural on the wall with chocolate pudding. You might have even forgotten about your nosy neighbors and ventured outside in your bathrobe. If you do any of those things…well, those things are all crazy and someone very rightly should tell you to get a grip. But someone could also be telling you to “get a grip” as in “get a NuGuard GripStand or GripBase for your iPad or iPad Mini.” And if you don’t already have one, well that might make you crazy too. Article Continues…

Newer Technology Announces NuGuard Universal Tablet Rack for Centralized Storage and Charging of Up to Eight Tablet PCs

Thursday, August 30th, 2012 | Author:

Newer Technology, Inc. today announced the NuGuard Universal Tablet Rack, a Plug and Play ‘BYOD’ (Bring Your Own Device) storage and charging solution for technologically savvy classroom, office, retail, health care, and other multiple brand tablet computer user environments. Designed to accommodate nearly any tablet PC including Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, and Asus Transformer models, the NuGuard Rack allows tablets even in thick, protective cases to slide easily into one of eight bays to store and charge.

Easy to Use for All Ages

Tablet computer users of all ages will find the NuGuard Universal Tablet Rack easy and convenient to use. Simply slide a tablet into one of the eight bays and connect to a device compatible USB charging cable. The NuGuard Rack comes with eight pre-installed Apple Certified Dock Connector cables so iPad users can immediately charge. Embedded channels on the side of the unit enable easy changing of the cables as well as protection against cable bending, pinching, or accidental removal and/or tangling. Article Continues…

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Students Get a Grip on their iPad 2 Display Needs with Newer Technology’s GripStand Station

Thursday, January 19th, 2012 | Author:

With the growing use of iPads in the classroom and Apple’s Education Event which concluded today, OWC’s focus on education applications is timely. Other World Computing will demonstrate at Macworld | iWorld 2012 Conference and Expo next week how schools can protect their iPad investments with its GripStand Station and GripStand cases. The GripStand Station is a Plug and Play storage, charging and syncing solution for technologically savvy classrooms as well as office, retail, healthcare, and other multiple iPad user environments.

Designed specifically for use with NuGuard GripStand 2 and GripStand protective iPad cases (sold separately), the GripStand Station allows iPad tablets to slide easily and securely into one of eight bays to store, charge and sync. The new, made-in-the-USA GripStand Station and other unique Newer Technology products will be demonstrated in Other World Computing’s (OWC’s) Macworld booth #513, in San Francisco’s Moscone Center. Article Continues…