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Time to give the appropriate credit to OWC!

Friday, August 10th, 2012 | Author:

by Paul T. Klenk, Guest Blogger

My history with OWC’s founder, Larry O’Connor, spans two and one-half decades. My first encounter was through AOL and I was sporting the latest Apple product: an Apple llGS. This was an evolution in the Apple line where “GS” represented graphics and sound. It was truly transitional between the Apple ll and the first Mac.

Larry and I were both busy on AOL. I was one of the first online instructors, while Larry was absorbed buying and selling Apple hardware. He bought a device from me that allowed the llGS to maintain a perpetual RAM disk through an external power supply. Our dealings were always friendly, honest, and fair.

This is precisely the same philosophy Larry adhered to as he developed OWC, and he has never forgotten his fledgling roots and the diligent work necessary to start and maintain a business. Consequently, OWC has grown and developed into a thriving, successful business. Furthermore, OWC is always on the cutting edge of technology, showing a strong desire to create new products that change with the blazing changes in technology. Article Continues…

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Adventures in creating an OctoCore Mac Pro – A Brief Interlude

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011 | Author:

Considerations in Application of a GeoThermal Heat Exchange for Environmental Comfort Following the Upgrade of a MacPro1,1 with Two Over-Clocked Intel X5350 Engineering Samples that Necessitated the Addition of a Water Cooling System

Part Trois

or- “Everybody Loves it When the Fat Lineman Makes a Touchdown”

By Robert Bruce Campbell, DO
(Sorry for the delay but I was just out walking my rat and seem to have lost my way…) -Robert


Image of “That 70s Show” everyman Steven Hyde redacted for SOPA compliance.


Yeah, that’s who we are.

You were thinking when you started reading my first article that this was about how to do an upgrade. In Texas, we have a word for folks like you – “El Stupido”.

No. Absolutely not.

This has all been about railin’ against the man and keepin’ my money in my pocket. It’s about righteous indignation—ours. All of ours

It is about the fat lineman, slaving day in and out, for the good of all. Smart, quiet, humble. Over and over, taking vicious blows for no glory at all. Left out there in oppressive heat doing battle because the Head Coach is an idiot. Or maybe the QB is a pretty boy that can’t make a decision. Or how about when your Halfback is afraid of taking on that big, mean Defensive End?

It’s when you’ve been out there for 37 of the last 44 minutes, and by the Grace of God, been able to stop them all but once. But you know that you’re done. Pain is everywhere and indescribable. The only thing dripping faster than the sweat from your brow is the blood from your nose. Your heart feels like it’s going to explode and you’re sure your lungs are two sizes too small.

When you watch the offense break from their huddle and begin to turn toward you there is a flash of fear… Article Continues…

We’re so dedicated, even our shipments try their hardest.

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 | Author:

In the three years that I have been an OWC Customer Service Representative, I have seen many… unusual… situations. I’ve heard about things like dogs eating hard drives, ex-spouses holding packages hostage and people backing their cars over their computers in the driveway. Nothing really shocks me anymore.

I got a call the other day from a gentleman that lives in Michigan and he started the conversation by saying, “Are you sitting down? I have something shocking to tell you.”

When a conversation begins like this, you never really know what you’re going to get. Considering all I’ve heard, however, I was expecting a good story, but likely nothing I hadn’t heard before.

Then the customer said, “I received an order today… from 2009. The mailman just dropped it off.” Okay… that was something I hadn’t heard before and the customer was right—I was shocked by this!

Two years ago—almost to the date—we shipped his order… and it didn’t arrive. After he contacted us, we shipped him out a new order and marked this one off as being a casualty of the postal service. It’s unfortunate, but the occasional lost package is just part of the online shopping experience; it’s is also why we’re prepared to offer options for customers dealing with lost packages.

Two years later, the original package arrives at the customer’s door. Where had it been? What took it so long? I spent the rest of the day (between calls, of course) making up ridiculous back-stories on where this lonely little package has been and its journey to the customer.

The moral of the story is if you ever think that your shipment may be lost, it might be and OWC will be glad to work with you to get it resolved. On the other hand, it may just be running very, very late.

More love for The OWC Difference.

Friday, November 12th, 2010 | Author:

We talk about “The OWC Difference” a lot. Part of that is providing high-quality products like the our award-winning external storage solutions, our high-quality memory, and our highly-praised Mercury Extreme SSDs. The other—more important—part is our commitment to customer service.

This commitment begins even before a purchase is made. We make sure that the products we sell work with the computers we say it will. If we say a Mercury Elite-AL Pro Qx2 is going to connect just fine to your iMac, you can be darn sure that you’ll be able to use that drive with your iMac!

Even if you know you need something, but aren’t quite sure what is needed to solve your problem, we’re there to help. Our knowledgeable sales staff can help you pick out the best products for your needs, if that’s what you need. Need it yesterday? While time travel is still a little outside our capabilities, our Late Ship options help you get your items as soon as possible.

The real test of a company, though, is what they do when things don’t go as planned. We here at OWC take real pride in our service at this level. If things go wrong—whether it’s a piece of memory that stops working, a drive that’s making the “Click o’ Death”, or anything else—we do everything in our power (and sometimes beyond it) to make sure things are put right. Our trained Tech Support and Customer Service staff is there to either help you fix the problem or get the unit replaced.

OWC customer Brad Owens recently posted his OWC story on his blog, detailing his interactions with us over the years, and why he’s now a loyal OWC customer. Give it a read; our dedication to service outlined there is the rule, not the exception.

Thanks for the Love, Brad! We can’t wait to do business with you again in the future.

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A Matter of Trust

Thursday, April 16th, 2009 | Author:

You can buy products from a variety of sites across the Net; but often you have to blindly trust that the company will honor the warranty, provide timely customer service, or replace problem products. Often, friends are your trusted vendor source. While it may seem an impossible task to identify the best place to buy, BizRate, a shopping and product comparison site, provides store ratings and has awarded OWC the BizRate Gold Circle of Excellence for five consecutive years.

We tell you what other customers are saying about us with monthly Customer Comments, right on the site. If that doesn’t warm your heart, than look to unsolicited blogs, written by a couple of Mac devotees.

For example, in his post, Doing It Right, Jordan Satok notes how seamlessly things progressed when he ordered a 1.0TB drive from us, even though it was a holiday weekend.

Larry Yaeger, Professor of Informatics at Indiana University, purchased multiple NewerTech Voyager Q hard drive docking stations that had the same FireWire ID numbers. He resolved his problem with a call to NewerTech technical support. OWC resolved the whole problem by initiating an ID fix within hours of hearing about the problem. Incidentally, Larry’s calls to another vendor’s support department went unanswered.

Whether you email, call, or request assistance on our web site, OWC’s tech support team handles every request with Miss Manner’s decorum. How many companies offer free lifetime U.S. based technical support — even on weekends? We do and we’re proud to offer you great products, at reasonable prices, with a full complement of support services. I know that I like their products and service so much, I now work for OWC!

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