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Apple Data Migration Assistant Makes Upgrading to a New Mac or New Drive Painless

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012 | Author:

We all know the physical and emotional pain of trying to assemble a new item. Maybe it’s your new kitchen table and your significant other has been yelling at you for weeks to finish it (did we say yelling? We mean, “providing help and guidance”). Maybe you’ve considered duct tape as a viable option to replace a few screws. Maybe you’ve been rushed to assemble a new toy for your child on Christmas morning just to find out you have literally every kind of battery but the one it takes. Whatever it is, here at OWC we understand and try to accommodate you so you can get back to business.

We do our best at OWC to make sure that all of our videos make the process of replacing a drive easy. Our DIY kits for laptops and Mac minis make sure you have everything you need. And most importantly, we realize that the most vital part of an upgrade—and this applies to a new Mac as well as to a drive upgrade—is getting back to using that system without skipping a beat.

The good news is that Apple makes this incredibly painless, and there are just three simple steps we recommend for the best results. Article Continues…

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