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OWC Mercury Elite Pro Now Offers USB 3.0 ‘SuperSpeed’ Performance

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012 | Author:

Other World Computing announced today it has enhanced its award-winning, high-performance Mercury Elite Pro desktop storage solution line with the USB 3.0 ‘SuperSpeed’ interface. Complemented by two FireWire 800 ports as well as an eSATA port, the new USB 3.0 model – which is fully USB 2.0 backwards compatible – delivers data transfer speeds up to 300MB/s. All of that speed resides in a brushed aluminum housing offering up to 4.0TB of Plug and Play storage and/or backup capacity.

High Performance for Professional Use

The Mercury Elite Pro is ideal for demanding A/V, digital photography, professional music, graphics, Time Machine backups, as well as general data uses requiring up to 4.0TB of reliable, high performance storage. With multiple interfaces, all connection cables included, and a $100 retail value disk utility software bundle, the Mercury Elite Pro offers Plug and Play ease of use with any Mac, PC, or Linux-based computer with a FireWire or USB interface. Article Continues…

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OWC Announces Mercury Elite Pro Mini As Industry’s Only 2TB ‘Quad Interface’ and eSATA 6G/USB 3.0 Bus-Powered Portable Storage Solution

Thursday, August 16th, 2012 | Author:

Other World Computing announced today it has expanded its OWC Mercury Elite Pro mini line with 33% more capacity to a new maximum of 2TB storage capacity. As the industry’s only ‘Quad Interface’ (FireWire 800/400, USB 2.0, and eSATA) or ‘Combo Interface’ (eSATA 6G and USB 3.0) bus-powered portable drive, the Mercury Elite Pro mini is now available in 14 different hard drive or OWC Mercury SSD-equipped configurations that deliver up to 600MB/s data rate storage/backup performance to Mac and PC users in a Plug and Play mobile footprint.

Portable and Bus-Powered for Mobile Lifestyles

Measuring a compact 5.5″ L x 3.8″ W x 1.1″ H, the Mercury Elite Pro mini offers portable storage capacity up to 2TB– enough space for up to 2 million JPEG photos, 1,000 DVD movies, 152 hours of digital video, or 700,000 MP3 songs – in its fanless brushed aluminum enclosure. Because it’s bus-powered, the Mercury Elite Pro mini doesn’t require an AC adapter, so it’s ideal for in-the-field business professionals, creative/entertainment professionals, students, and anyone else needing to back up data, transport large files between computers, gain additional storage capacity, and even perform video editing and live music recording.

Built for Performance and Flexibility

Designed to emulate the award-winning history of the larger desktop-sized Mercury Elite Pro, the Mercury Elite Pro mini portable storage solution line offers a choice of the fastest 2.5″ SATA hard drive mechanisms up to 7200RPM; or ‘faster in a flash’ OWC’s Mercury brand SSDs for demanding A/V, digital photography, professional music, graphics, general data, and Time Machine-ready storage needs. The ‘Quad Interface’ model offers connection flexibility among various systems; while those seeking the fastest interface offered in a portable drive will find their speed needs fulfilled by the 6G (6Gb/s) eSATA/USB 3.0 ‘Combo Interface’ model. The Mercury Elite Pro mini can also be used with digital cameras and camcorders with USB 3.0/2.0 data ports for fast, on-location backups of images and video. Article Continues…

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Newer Technology Announces New miniStack Storage Solution Design As The Perfect Complement To Apple Mac mini

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012 | Author:

Newer Technology, Inc. announced today its new miniStack external storage solution specifically designed to match the appearance and size of 2010 and later Mac mini computers. With the same 1.4″ H x 7.7″ W x 7.7″ D dimensions and aluminum finish, the two devices can be stacked together to conserve precious desktop workspace while the miniStack is used for storing or backing up large music, photo, and video libraries.

Stackable Design with Big Performance

While designed to complement the Mac mini, the miniStack is also an ideal space-saving, high-performance external drive that can be used with any Mac or PC. Users have found they can create a ‘power tower’ of storage capacity by stacking two or more miniStacks while still preserving desktop workspace. miniStack offers up to 4.0TB of storage with data rates up to 500MB/s thanks to a ‘Quad Interface’ of FireWire 800/400, USB 3.0, and eSATA ports. Article Continues…

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Newer Technology eSATA To USB 3.0 Adapter Offers High Performance Link Between Existing External Drives And New MacBook Computers

Thursday, June 14th, 2012 | Author:

Newer Technology, Inc. announced today its eSATA to USB 3.0 Adapter as the high performance, Plug and Play link between existing eSATA interface equipped external drives and the new ‘SuperSpeed’ USB 3.0 equipped MacBook and MacBook Air computers introduced at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) this past Monday.

Updates Existing Drives With 3x Faster Performance

The $29.95 MSRP adapter has been benchmark test proven to deliver over 240MB/s real-world data rate performance from the following NewerTech and OWC eSATA interface equipped solutions: Newer Tech Guardian MAXimus, Guardian MAXimus mini, and Voyager Q; OWC Mercury Elite Pro, Mercury Elite Pro Dual Drive, Mercury Elite Pro mini, Mercury Elite Pro Dual mini, Mercury Qx2, and the Mercury Rack Pro; as well as other brand external drives when used with the new 2012 Mac models. For comparison, FireWire 800, the most prevalent high-speed Macintosh computer interface, offers a real-world maximum of 82MB/s transfer rate. Article Continues…

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Adding an OWC SSD to your 27″ iMac (2011) costs even less!

Thursday, April 12th, 2012 | Author:

To celebrate Tuesday’s release of the OWC DIY Kit for 2011 27” iMac models, we’re knocking and additional $15 off the price if you buy a qualifying OWC Mercury SSD at the same time.

Though the procedure is not for the faint of heart, adding a fast OWC SSD alongside the internal platter-based hard drive that’s already installed allows you to keep your data while gaining the speed benefits of an SSD when your OS is properly installed on it.

If you’re looking for further drive expansion options, though, or if you’d rather have a trained professional do it for you, you may want to check out our Turnkey Upgrade Installation Program, which has a number of extra options.