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Diagnosing 2009 & 2010 iMac Fan Speed Issues After Upgrading The Main Hard Drive

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013 | Author:

Globe-DIY-231x300After seeing an uptick in reports of out of control fan speeds in 2009 and 2010 iMacs, we decided to revisit our suggestion of the same brand for brand swapping of the main hard drive in those models to verify that our information was still current. We’re proud to announce that after some extensive testing with every current 3.5″ HDD we carry, the swapping of brand for brand is still 100% completely valid in those models.

So why are the fans in my iMac spinning wildly after my hard drive upgrade?

The most popular reason for the spinning fans is that one of the temperature sensors was not seated fully (or at all) during re-assembly.  During the process of removing the iMac’s LCD to get at the hard drive, the LCD temperature sensor is removed from the logic board. If that sensor does not get plugged back in during the re-assembly process, the iMac’s fans will run at high speeds even if the hard drive’s sensor cable is plugged in correctly. Article Continues…

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A Gingerbread House With An OWC Touch

Thursday, December 20th, 2012 | Author:

No, this isn’t a gingerbread house with solar panels and ultra-effecient air conditioning units – although you would be forgiven for thinking that considering Other World Computing’s environmental initiatives and Platinum Certified green headquarters in Woodstock, Illinois. This is a gingerbread house made partly from computer parts by our very own OWC Dena of our accounting department to proudly display in our front lobby.

Dena crafted the house from traditional ingredients – gingerbread, frosting and candy. But she also used computer parts to give it a festive OWC theme. The roof shingles are actually OWC memory modules, the walls are made from fans, and the messages on the front of the house are comprised of Apple keyboard keys and an old hard disk drive platter. Of course, the gingerbread house was made with non-functional memory modules, so don’t worry about your order arriving come with a layer of frosting and crumbs. :-)

And while OWC parts make for a wonderful looking gingerbread house, we can’t recommend them for this use. Besides, they work much better in your computer anyway!

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