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The Dark Side of the Pixel; And Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts!

Saturday, December 14th, 2013 | Author:

img-4697512585d3c844109cfa4d8717f3d3-type-jpegI can’t believe I’m bringing myself to review this one, but Tiny Death Star seems to be gaining popularity quite quickly. Now you might be aware that I have a real soft spot for anything pixelated and full of sprite-y goodness, but ill try not to let that affect the review. But let me dispense with the pleasantries, commander. I am here to put us back on schedule.

OK, so if you’ve ever played Tiny Tower, you’ll be familiar with how this game functions as a whole. But back before that, before the iOS craze, this whole tower thing started from MAXIS, with Sim Tower, which admittedly looks like uninspired boxes stacked on top of each other to form a rather large pile of mush. Tiny Tower and more importantly, Tiny Death Star, take this genre to the next level and provide a much more visually stimulating experience. Article Continues…

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League of Legends In My Backpack? Yes, Please!

Saturday, December 7th, 2013 | Author:

solstice iconAlright, I’m pretty sure you’ve all figured out from my previous article that I am a die hard League of Legends player and take the game very seriously (not that DOTA2 garbage. Ick no, bury that under 12 layers of steel at the bottom of the ocean please).

That being said, I am indeed a fan of the MOBA genre in general and to my glorious surprise, there is a decent MOBA for the iPad (and iPhone).

Solstice Arena brands itself as the worlds first “SPEED MOBA”, a game that goes by much quicker than desktop games in the genre.

Which is quite true. It’s smaller maps and faster exchanges expedite the game play quite a bit. The fact that players are mobile may help too, as I’m seeing way too many people dive for objectives and get their faces wrecked. Article Continues…

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Break Out Your Shovels, It’s Zombie Smashin’ Time!

Saturday, November 16th, 2013 | Author:

PVZ2icon copyAhh … after a brief departure to the Mac, it’s back to some good ol’ iOS gaming. And what better way to kick it off than with Plants vs. Zombies 2! However, it looks like my 3GS (which I’ve lovingly nicknamed “ye olde smartphone”) may start collecting a little dust.

Luckily this is not a web series, or you’d see me drooling over and hugging my iPad, which I’ll be doing a few reviews on from now on to make sure the iPad gaming scene gets some love. So pick your plants, get your sun smashing fingers ready, and let’s get it on!

So admission time: I didn’t play the first Plants vs. Zombies so go ahead and cringe. I did, however, put quite a few hours of gameplay into the minigame based on it, inside of World of Warcraft. That counts, right? Right? OK, now that I’ve destroyed any street cred I have for comparing this game to its predecessor let’s dive into what makes this game a solid title. Article Continues…

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Mystery Solved: ‘Handwich’ Aside, ‘Layton’ Is A Winner

Saturday, October 12th, 2013 | Author:

Layton.2Well, here’s a new one. I haven’t done a murder mystery game, probably because this is the only good one I’ve ever found. (Not that I don’t review bad games, but if it’s so bad I tear up after making fun of it… I tend to not publish those). Professor Layton is a new entry to the iOS market after jumping over from the Nintendo DS, to an even smaller handheld device, your iPod/ iPhone. So let’s put on our detective caps, grab our deductive reasoning shoes and delve into the depths of Layton Brothers: Mystery Room!

I’m not going to spoil much on this one, because it’s actually a really sweet game, so all of this review will be based on the first level. I apologize ahead of time that this will not be as much of an in-depth look. But it’s in the name of preventing spoilers. So the game starts out, and you are a brand new detective, and you’ve been assigned to the back, back room of the police station, where all the cases that can’t be solved go. Being the ever-optimist, your character (Lucy Baker), makes the best of it. Article Continues…

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Brain Bursting All Over My Desktop

Saturday, September 21st, 2013 | Author:

Z1I do enjoy mobile gaming, in fact one could say I feel it’s a very under-tapped market. Hopefully it will be be vastly expanded on as our mobile technology increases. With any luck, we will even start to see more altered reality games some time soon!

That being said, sometimes I want to sit in front of a larger screen and do some desktop gaming. OWC Nick slid this gem my way and said it would be great to review for the blog, so I am. Ready your shotguns, and get all the ammo you can find brother, it’s time for Zombies ate my Friends!

So the game is fairly straight forward, however unlike most zombie games, its more of a point and click adventure with some strategic combat.  All battles are turn based, and you take your time selecting somewhat goofy attacks to smash the heads of your foes in with. The user interface is pretty neat, we got our health, our experience, our energy… ENERGY!? Yeah, its one of those. Run out of energy and you’ll need to wait ’til you get more—or shell out some cash to buy some. Curse you freemium gaming! Oh well, no sense crying over spilled zombie.  The game’s interface is actually surprisingly helpful without being super cluttered. Very often, games will throw mini maps, objective lists, equipment tabs, status bars, buff icons, etc. at you, until you feel you are looking at the game world through an old-timey key hole. Which is about as exciting as watching a Chia Pet grow. Article Continues…

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