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Father’s Day Guide: The Bookworm Dad

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013 | Author:

Father’s Day is tough. Gift ideas are not easy to come by … and let’s face it, dad isn’t much help. So this year we’ve decided to go all out for dad’s big day. In this series leading up to June 16, we’ll give great gift ideas for all types of dads.

If you were like most kids, you loved it when your dad would read to you. Great memories are made while drifting to sleep when he’s reading The Hobbit aloud … and of course doing all of the voices.

Now with his handy iPad, dad has the option to read thousands of different books (that require thousands more voices) right at his fingertips. Unfortunately, even dad isn’t immune to a tired arm while holding his iPad. But with a Newer Technology GripStand, discomfort is no issue.

The GripStand is the perfect multipurpose tool for your dad’s iPad or iPad mini. Its unique handle makes holding an iPad easy for hours on end, so he will remain comfortable even during those marathon reading sessions. And should he need to put it down, the handle doubles as desktop stand that swivels 360 degrees and allows for positioning at virtually any angle for viewing. The convenient handle can also be rotated to use as a hook to hang the iPad and turn it into the ultimate picture frame.

With its hard plastic shell and shock-absorbing rubber inner liner, the GripStand will also protect dad’s iPad against accidental drops or whatever other dangers he or his children may pose. Does he have an Apple Smart Cover? The GripStand will still fit seamlessly!

So if your dad loves to use his iPad to read to his kids or just loves to read in general, the GripStand is the perfect gift. Give him the kind of comfort that will keep him happily reading for years to come.

Bonus ideas for the bookworm dad: NewerTech NuGreen LED lamp, BookWedge pillow

Be sure to bookmark the OWC Blog and look out for our great gift ideas for the DIY dad. Have a dad who is always on-the-go? We’ve got you covered.

Father’s Day Guide: The Protective Dad

Friday, May 31st, 2013 | Author:

Father’s Day is tough. Gift ideas are not easy to come by … and let’s face it, dad isn’t much help. So this year we’ve decided to go all out for dad’s big day. In this series leading up to June 16, we’ll give great gift ideas for all types of dads.

If you’re dad is anything like mine, he’s always been pretty protective of his kids. For example, he’s fended off serious cases of pasty skin by not letting you play video games for eight hours on a Saturday afternoon. He’s also bravely kept all of your threatening high school crushes at bay with weird jokes and timely underwear-clad appearances.

OK, dad occasionally protects us from bad stuff, too. So this Father’s Day, it’s your turn to return the favor and be protective of your dad … well, his iPhone anyway. Article Continues…

Get A Grip!

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013 | Author:

Usually when someone tells you to “get a grip,” it means they think you’ve done something crazy and need to get back in touch with reality. You might be trying to drive your car while practicing the trumpet (not kidding, it’s been seen). You might be so obsessed with reaching the next level on your game that you didn’t even notice the kids painting a mural on the wall with chocolate pudding. You might have even forgotten about your nosy neighbors and ventured outside in your bathrobe. If you do any of those things…well, those things are all crazy and someone very rightly should tell you to get a grip. But someone could also be telling you to “get a grip” as in “get a NuGuard GripStand or GripBase for your iPad or iPad Mini.” And if you don’t already have one, well that might make you crazy too. Article Continues…

Newer Technology Announces GripBase Podium Floor Stand For Apple iPad 2, 3, 4 And iPad mini Models

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013 | Author:

Newer Technology, Inc. announced today the NewerTech GripBase Podium floor stand for securely elevating the Apple iPad 2, 3, 4 and iPad mini to provide for maximum user viewing comfort in any setting.

Take Convenience of iPad to New Heights

The NewerTech GripBase Podium eliminates leaning over, neck straining, and/or eye squinting by raising an iPad from a viewing height of 38 inches to nearly five feet, offering 360 degree rotation for portrait or landscape viewing modes, and positioning an iPad at virtually any angle for maximum viewing comfort. The GripBase Podium easily attaches to the included protective GripStand case for iPad 2, 3, or 4 models or the GripStand mini case (not included), which holds an iPad securely while still allowing full access to all controls and connections. The GripBase Podium is also compatible with all previous generation GripStand cases.

Heavy Duty Base Provides Stability

Keeping the GripBase Podium securely grounded is a heavy-duty, plastic coated 12.55-pound base. Besides being nearly impossible to tip over, the GripBase Podium can be used confidently in active, crowded, and/or unpredictable settings, and its ribbed twist lock prevents extension shaft slippage. Should the unit need to be repositioned, it slides easily without marring or scuffing floors. Article Continues…

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NewerTech Announces NuGuard GripStand mini Multi-Purpose Protective Case and Desktop Stand for iPad mini

Thursday, May 9th, 2013 | Author:

Newer Technology, Inc. announced today the NewerTech NuGuard GripStand mini for safer transporting, easier viewing, and more secure handling of the Apple iPad mini during mobile or desktop use. Available in black, the accessory offers iPad mini owners one of the most flexible and affordable combination protection/viewing solutions available.

Two Options to Choose from to Get a Grip On iPad mini Display Needs

The NuGuard GripStand mini is available as a standalone product or as part of a value priced bundle. The bundle includes the GripBase desktop accessory that locks into the GripStand mini’s case to provide a fully adjustable viewing angle in landscape or portrait modes along with 360 degree rotation. The wide, weighted footprint ensures the GripBase will remain stationary on a desk, even in high traffic areas.

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