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iOS App Review – Time Geeks: Find All!

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011 | Author:

While the iOS App reviews aren’t as frequent as they used to be, we haven’t forgotten them. We’re still looking at apps for our iPod Touches, iPhones and iPads to try and find those hidden gems that make using our iDevices a little more enjoyable. This time around, we’re going to check out the game “Time Geeks: Find All!” by Ivanovich.

App Store Description

Time Geeks: Find All! has been hailed by critics as one of the essential games for iOS for its great beauty, easy handling and fun. And defined by players as the best game of searches carrying seek & find games to a new dimension. Article Continues…

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Easter Eggs in July?

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010 | Author: and

The fun thing about software is that there is a lot going on underneath that you don’t usually see. Sometimes, programmers will slip something in, just under the surface, for you to find. Sometimes it’s a picture, some specific text, or even a little game. To get them, you either have to perform a specific series of steps (such as holding down certain keys while clicking a particular spot on a screen) or you have to dig through the resource forks of the application to find them.

These hidden features don’t usually affect the documented operation of the program; they’re just a fun little surprise that’s hidden for you to find, hence the name “easter egg.”

A number of easter eggs can be found on OS X and it’s installed applications. Here are a couple that you can find easily. Article Continues…