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OWC Introduces “techKNOWlogy” Video Series

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012 | Author:

One of the things that we constantly get comments on are our Instructional Series of videos, which show you how to install memory, hard drives, and other upgrades into your Mac.

Now, we’d like to announce our new series, techKNOWlogy, which, instead of concentrating on the physical installation, looks more at using your Mac once your new hardware is already installed. In each episode, one of our OWC staffers will walk you through one of a wide range of topics – from showing you how to create a backup plan for your home computer to explaining the benefits and drawbacks to different RAID configurations.

For our first episode, we’re addressing a common scenario: if you’re adding a faster second drive (such as an SSD/Data Doubler kit), how do you set up your Mac so that the OS runs off the faster (but probably smaller) drive while seamlessly keeping your data files on the (probably larger) original drive?

Well, we’ve put together a method to make sure everything gets where it needs to go and OWC Vic will walk you through it, step by step.

Check it out below and be sure to stop back here at the OWC Blog often for more updates. Article Continues…

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Resources for Mac OS X on a Netbook

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009 | Author:

I thought I’d follow up on a previous blog post by OWC Chris S. covering how to relocate your Home Folder for anyone with a machine that’s tight on space with an in-depth examination on the use of Mac OS X on a Netbook.

While rumors abound that Apple may never produce a Netbook for those of us who would love such a machine, there are a number of stalwart types who want one badly enough that they have provided tutorials on how to install Mac OS X on a PC Netbook. Referred to as a Hackintosh install, three sites have posted step-by-step instructions, each with their own style of detail, so I recommend you peruse all three sources.

Obviously, your first hurdle is to pick a Netbook upon which to perform this OS surgery. All sources point to the excellent “Mac OS X Netbook Compatibility Chart,” at Boing Boing. The Dell Mini 9 seems to be the weapon of choice by some notable Mac writers.

Second, you must acquire a complete, retail version of Mac OS X. Update disks will not work correctly and pirated disks may not contain all the original code, which hampers any OS updates you may want to apply.

The third requirement is either an 8GB or higher USB flash drive or an external USB DVD drive. Instructions for using both to install Mac OS X are on the sites linked below.

Fourth, you must use the Type11 Bootloader, called the DellMiniBoot123v8.01.iso.zip, downloadable from Dell Mini forums and posted by a helpful person named “bmaltais”. (Note, the forum requires registration.)

At this point, your entry cost to create your own Mac OS X Netbook is between $500 and $650, including the cost of Mac OS X. Now, once you’ve completed your install, following the instructions in one of the resources below, you may find your space squeezed a bit. As OWC Chris S. suggested, you can use OWC’s handy resource for relocating your home folder onto an external drive to preserve your precious storage capacity.

The ability to tote around a lightweight and very useable PC are your rewards in creating your own personal Mac OS X Netbook.

Links to Tutorials on Creating a Mac OS X Netbook

Installing Mac OS X on a Dell Mini 9 – the easy way (Updated 3x) by Jason O’Grady on ZDNet.

How To: Hackintosh a Dell Mini 9 Into the Ultimate OS X Netbook by John Mahoney on Gizmodo.

OS X on a Dell Mini 9 Netbook, by Steve on Accelerate Your Mac.

How to build the OS X Dell Mini 9 Hackbook – The Easy Way, by Tomas Ratas on Test Freaks blog.

How To: Load OS X DIRECTLY onto RunCore FROM a Mac, by Iantzn on DellMini.

MacResource Forum posts about this method

Loading OS X DIRECTLY onto Runcore FROM a Mac, MacResource Forums.

Dell Mini 9 Leopardized: The RunCore Direct Install Edition, MacResource Forums.

Disclaimer: OWC does not support or endorse any of the above methods to create an OS X Netbook. Information and links are provided as a courtesy to our readers. In addition, an interesting discussion on the legality of installing Mac OS X on a non-Mac appears in the MacResource Forums.

Another Use for Home Folder Relocation – a Dell Mini 9 masquerading as a Mac.

Friday, May 1st, 2009 | Author:

Netbooks seem to be all the rage today. Unfortunately, none of them are made by Apple, meaning none of them ship with OS X.

By amazing coincidence, though, it turns out there’s one netbook out there that you can apparently install OS X on with relative ease; the Dell Mini 9. I even hear that, once installed, OS X behaves as if it is running on a MacBook Air.

The main trouble with doing this is that the stock internal drive on the Mini 9 is, at most, 16GB. Even after pruning out things like extra fonts, applications like iMovie and iDVD which don’t work well (or at all) on a Mini 9, and other such items, an install of Leopard takes up about six gigabytes of space, leaving less than 10GB for all your files. That’s not a whole heck of a lot of room.

Fortunately, there’s a simple way of adding more space for your files. Just use our guide for relocating your Home folder to move it to a USB drive, be it a nice, large OWC External Storage Solution or a simple (though smaller) flash drive.

Now, your Mini 9 has much more room for your files, music and photos, making your “Mac Netbook” a little more convenient.