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Play Blu-ray Movies On Your Mac Without Converting Them First

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011 | Author:

Lots of people want to watch Blu-ray movies on their Macs. Until now, though, doing so required ripping the movies to your hard drive and playing them that way. Mac Blu-ray Player from Macgo is a movie player that plays back Blu-ray movies from the original source discs.

How does it work?

First you need a Blu-ray drive. Fortunately, OWC just happens to sell some. ;-)

Download & install the Mac Blu-ray Player application from Macgo.

After inserting a Blu-ray disc and launching the Mac Blu-ray Player application, you will be prompted to select your disc or a backed up .iso image. You must be connected to the Internet for the application to decrypt the disc for watching (a point brought up when this was discussed in OWC Radio, Episode #57). After the application scans the disc, it begins playback. Article Continues…

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Mouse On The Couch With The Gyration Air Mouse

Monday, September 20th, 2010 | Author:
Foreword – This post written by OWC customer Robert M. from New York, a Mac user since 1985 (or so) who I’ve gotten to know on a personal level over the last year after “blowing him away” with our approach to gaining his confidence and satisfaction. – OWC Grant

In my living room, I have a Mac mini connected to a 40″ Sony 1080p LCD TV. Typically, I use that set-up for watching both NetFlix video on demand (VOD) and content via Hulu.com via the web. Occasionally, I’ll plug an external hard disk drive filled to the brim with content and watch it via a selection of media applications. Unfortunately, since none of this is via Front Row, it means I must navigate the content via a mouse and keyboard. This is inconvenient to say the least as I prefer to relax on the comfy couch while enjoying media. Initially, I used a hardwire mouse and keyboard. While this required getting off the couch and sitting on the floor in front of the TV, it did work. For a while. I even bought a super slim, non-marking mouse pad for the mouse. Both the keyboard and mouse stored away beneath the TV stand when not in use. But, it annoyed me that I’d have to actually get off the couch to navigate my mini run home theater.

Article Continues…

Listen To The Music

Friday, September 10th, 2010 | Author:

With the latest focus on iPhones and iPads it’s easy to forget the iDevice that started it all … the iPod. While an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad do so much more than just iPod functionality, the iPod has become so entrenched with the music listening lifestyle of how we listen to music that it’s easy to overlook when Apple makes improvements.

So how does the new iPhone 4 and iPad stack up as iPods? In regards to sound quality, they sound so good I think it’s high time Apple added a fully customizable equalizer versus equalizer presets that are currently offered. I’m a bit of audiophile and I also like the convenience of the the MP4 format. My home theater gets audio from my Mac via an Airport Express so that my equalizer presets from my “tuned” iTunes get pushed though to the system. I “tuned” iTunes by playing the same song on my audiophile CD transport and iTunes at the same time and tweaked the equalizer in iTunes until the sound quality matched the CD transport. A-B tests verified perfect sound to my audiophile ears. Article Continues…

Add a Mac mini to Your Home Theater System

Friday, February 12th, 2010 | Author:

The Mac mini has always kind of been the “odd man out” in the Mac lineup. It doesn’t fit the “four-square” lineup (consumer desktop, consumer laptop, Pro desktop, Pro laptop) Apple introduced years ago. It’s infrequently updated, slightly underpowered, and upgrading it is almost as fun as a <insert colorful phrase describing something REALLY unpleasant here>

That’s not to say the mini is a bad machine. Far from it. The mini’s small form factor makes it nice in areas with limited space. My dad has had one for years, and it suits his purposes just fine – he needs it for basic Office use with a little bit of iLife thrown in for good measure. Couple one with a couple of miniStacks, and you have a decent file server. I’ve even heard of various web sites being run off of one.

As more video content is being made available online, the mini has taken on another popular purpose – as a media center for your TV. Its small form factor allows it to sit with your other equipment easily. It’s got plenty of ports for expansion (something many video players lack), and its built in Bluetooth and AirPort means you don’t have a lot of extra cabling to deal with, either.

Of course, we wouldn’t tease you with the idea of something cool you could do with your Mac mini without showing you how to actually do it. That’s why we’ve put together a nice walkthrough for attaching your mini to your home theater and setting up the software so that you can watch your movies on your HDTV.

You can find it at: http://www.macsales.com/mediacenter

If you’d like to see this kind of setup in person, and you’re going to be at the Macworld Expo, be sure to visit our booth, #1354. We have a mini integrated into a basic home theater setup, so you can see just how well it actually works.