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iBooks Brings Major Improvements To Education

Friday, June 14th, 2013 | Author:

Improvements are always being made in education. It was only 60 years ago that my grandpa had to walk uphill both ways in the snow just to get to school. Back in my parents’ day…well, apparently they went to the same school because my dad had to walk uphill both ways too…it just snowed less in his version of the tale (and I’m beginning to think I come from a family of exaggerators.)

While my walk to school was apparently easier, back in my day, textbooks were, well, physical paper books. They were tattered, torn, and had previous owners by the names of “Seymour Butts” and “Anita Bath” (those eighth grade boys were sooo funny.) There were always several important pages that were stuck together with mysterious purple goo (that I prayed was just Kool-Aid). It was smart to hold your breath when you first opened these books because a wonderfully musty smell emerged when you separated the pages. And if you didn’t understand the topic, the teacher would suggest you just read the same pages over again (never mind that you were missing half the necessary information because that chapter was ripped out of the book by someone’s hamster back in 1997). Article Continues…

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OWC Radio #64 – Pennies For Your Thoughts

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012 | Author: , , and

The usual suspects are cashing in their opinions on a wide-variety of topics this month. From the massive coin that Apple has amassed to the single penny that NASA is sending to Mars and everything in between. Bet your bottom dollar, you’re sure to enjoy this one…and you can take that to the bank.

OWC Radio is a monthly, forum-based podcast focused on the events and happenings in the Mac community. This month’s hosts are: OWC Grant, OWC Chris S., and OWC Mike H. Article Continues…

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iPod Touch/iPhone App Review: iOS 4

Thursday, July 1st, 2010 | Author: and

Most weeks, the OWC Blog Staff picks a particular free application to review. However, this week, we went with something else that’s free to install on your iPhone or iPod Touch – iOS 4, the Operating System that comes with the iPhone 4 is also available for previous model iPhones and iPod Touch.


With its easy-to-use interface, amazing features, and rock-solid stability, iOS — Apple’s mobile operating system — is the foundation of iPhone. And even as other phones try to catch up, the technologies and features built into iOS 4 keep it years ahead of the competition.

Elegant and intuitive interface.

The first time you pick up an iPhone, you know how to use it. That’s because the revolutionary Multi-Touch interface in iOS was designed for the most natural pointing device ever: your finger. So whether you’re using one of the built-in apps or one of the over 200,000 apps and games available from the App Store, you control everything with a tap, drag, swipe, pinch, flick, or twist of your fingers. Even tasks that might seem complicated — such as starting a FaceTime call or editing a video with iMovie — are simple, easy, and fun.

Article Continues…

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iOS App Review: Stanza

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010 | Author:

Each week, the OWC Blog Staff picks a free iOS App to check out and review. This week’s selection is the Stanza book reader by Lexcycle.


Read books on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad! Lexcycle Stanza brings the digital book revolution to your pocket with a reading interface that is unrivaled in its clarity and ease of use. With over 4 million downloads around the world, Stanza has become an iPhone phenomenon, and is featured as one of the top three Apple favorites in their “App Store Turns 1″ celebration.

Purchase popular new books from a selection of over 50,000 contemporary titles available in various partner stores, or choose from an additional 50,000 free classics and recent original works available from Project Gutenberg, Feedbooks, and many other sources. Store and categorize hundreds of books in the organizer, and transfer your own ePub, eReader, PDF, Comic Book Archive (CBR & CBZ), and DjVu books from your Mac or PC to Stanza by dragging & dropping the files into the “File Sharing” section of the “Apps” tab of your device in iTunes.

Your entire summer reading, your class syllabus for the whole year, all the reference material you will ever need: all at your fingertips. Literally.

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New iPhone, iOS, and Safari – OWC Radio #30

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 | Author:

iPhone 4! We go into details on what the new iPhone offers, and host Tim Robertson discusses an issue many of you will face: is it worth buying this new iPhone? Is there a compelling reason to do so? There are a lot of reason, pro and con, and we try to cover them all. And if all that was not enough, Apple released Safari 5 with some cool new features. And listener Jim sends an update from a previous show on what new Mac and equipment he decided to purchase, with a few questions.

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