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The Other World – Episode 73

Thursday, April 25th, 2013 | Author:

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Mountain Lion has Wi-Fi Issues

Friday, July 27th, 2012 | Author:

What would a new OS launch be without a few hiccups?

I experienced a Wi-Fi issue on my 2008 iMac wherein Mountain Lion’s Wi-Fi connection gets really slow… dial-up slow. Restarting the modem and Airport router didn’t fix it. Only plugging in direct via ethernet fixed the issue.

I checked online and there’s only a smattering of posts with people discussing the issue. Either it’s not widespread or people haven’t noticed it yet.

One post in an Apple Discussion mentions that they took their laptop to an Apple Genius and they fixed it, but they couldn’t see what the genius did. Maybe Apple will issue an update in the future, or maybe there’s something quick an easy that fixes it.

We’ll look into it more and let you know if we come up with anything to fix this Wi-Fi slowdown issue with Mountain Lion.

If you have info on fixing, or are experiencing a similar issue leave a comment below.


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Will The Internet Separate?

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012 | Author:

The Internet has been a relatively unregulated zone of international freedom the entire time it’s been used by the general public. In America, we take this freedom for granted as the Internet has always been that way, we invented it, and in America, it’s fairly safe to say we wouldn’t imagine it any other way as freedom is what this country was founded upon.

But what if the Internet were no longer free? 

What if international regulation sought to charge a website owner when the site was simply browsed from a visitor residing in another country or even taxed based on actual clicks and/or traffic?

What that would likely entail is the beginning of the separation of the International Internet that we know today, into segmented Internet factions or cooperatives. For example, the US, Canada, and UK may have one free Internet they agree to let be open among their countries, while other nations may group together into different factions.

What if all this was planning on being implemented at the end of 2012?

What if we told you this could very well happen?

A recent eye opening Wall Street Journal opinion piece The U.N. Threat to Internet Freedom, by Robert M McDowell, a commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission, discusses the impending regulation and charges the International Community is seeking to impart on the Internet by the end of 2012, the ramifications of which would be far reaching.

Tell us what you think (and remember, this is a family-friendly blog) and what actions you personally might take now to help prevent this outcome…as well as what you might do differently in the future if it indeed comes to pass.

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Firefox 4.0 Released

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011 | Author:

In case you missed it, the next version of Firefox was released yesterday morning. While version 4.0 has been in “beta” for quite some time now, this is now the full release version. It includes some interesting new features, such as:

  • moving tabs to the top of the window (not an aesthetic that I particularly like, but somebody may)
  • a unified stop/reload button
  • “App tabs” - for pages/sites you always keep open
  • “Switch to Tab” – great for those who keep about 50 tabs open at any given time, when you enter something in the URL bar that’s already loaded, this goes to the already-opened tab, rather than spawning a new one.
  • “Panorama” – Another one for “tab junkies.” Allows you to drag and drop tabs into groups, helping you keep things a little more organized.
  • There’s also improved HTML 5 support and other “under the hood” changes.

Even though I, personally, tend to stick with Safari for the vast majority of my Web browsing, I still keep an updated copy of Firefox handy; every so often, I’ll find a site that pitches a fit over Safari, yet handles Firefox just fine. However, on the two virtual machines (Windows 7 and Ubuntu Linux) I have on my MacBook Pro, Firefox is the main browser I use.

Many other people I know—both Mac and Windows users—use Firefox almost exclusively. Its popularity and cross-platform compatibility are just two good reasons to at least keep a copy around.

You can get the latest version at the Firefox Web site. While the latest version doesn’t appear to be supported on PowerPC-based machines, you should be able to get the previous version on the same page. Firefox seemed to render complex pages faster than Safari under 10.5 on a PPC Mac, so grabbing Version 3.6.15 may be a good option for you if you have a PowerBook or PowerMac still in regular use.

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OWC Radio #46 – Is the Web Really Dead?

Monday, November 15th, 2010 | Author: , , and

OWC Radio is a forum-based podcast hosted by the four most prolific posters to the OWC Blog: OWC Grant, OWC Chris S., OWC Michael, and OWC Mike H.

Topics this week include Lightpeak, iPhone security issues, Apple & Flash, the Windows Phone 7 launch, & a heated debate over the future of the World Wide Web.

Sound off in the comments below or contact us at podcast@macsales.com. Article Continues…

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