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World War Z: One Rule … Survive

Sunday, January 12th, 2014 | Author:

WWZiconI take a deep breath and shove the large stack of boxes forward and peer around the corner silently. I take a moment to make sure my clip is topped off, and that I have my crowbar ready before making the run.

I slide silently past the cardboard tower, taking care not to tip it over and cause alarm, and start softly tiptoeing down the never-been-this-loud-to-walk-on pavement. It’s a wonder that the echoing sounds of a tin can rattling down the alley for one reason or another have the exact same acoustical tones as the echoing sounds of demise.

Pick up your pistols, crowbars, and duct tape some magazines to your arms survivors… It’s World War Z. Please also note this game is not over the top gory, but you’re beating back the undead with baseball bats and ejecting more brass than a 1920s swing band so it is intended for a mature audience only. Article Continues…

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Kart Racing In The True Angry Bird Spirit

Sunday, January 5th, 2014 | Author:

rovio-angry-birds-goI am a huge fan of Mario Kart, and I’ve been rockin’ the three-balloon death match and its iconic rainbow road levels since I was a wee lad. I decided to look for another racing title to review since I haven’t done one in a while, so I thought, “all right, Angry Birds… Racing? This is either going to be a true disaster, or an epic stride for gaming.” Well, as it turns out Angry Birds GO! wasn’t exactly the moon landing of karting games.

The game starts you off with the red bird and a kart that looks like it was built in a garage made out of spare parts of broken crates that Gordon Freeman took his iconic crowbar to. Depending on what style of race you’re doing (and truthfully there’s quite a few) you will want to take the correct Angry Bird, as they each have their own “power”. For the pretty vanilla-flavored standard races I was doing, I decided to stick with the red Bird for now, as his power is a turbo boost. That power does a good job of knocking people out of your way. Article Continues…

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Magic 2014: Dueling With Cards

Sunday, December 29th, 2013 | Author:

Magic-2014-Campaign-LogoIn one of my earlier game reviews, I reviewed a game called Shadow Era, which was a great twist and a pretty solid game. I’m still playing it and now that its first expansion has come out, there’s a lot more cards, strategy and challenges to be had.

Alas, I have to say, it barely holds a candle to the trading card game giant, Magic the Gathering. MTG has brought out a few games, but today we’re going to take a good look at Magic 2014. So grab your dice and get ready to rumble planeswalkers, it’s time to take out your iPad and make some magic. Article Continues…

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The Dark Side of the Pixel; And Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts!

Saturday, December 14th, 2013 | Author:

img-4697512585d3c844109cfa4d8717f3d3-type-jpegI can’t believe I’m bringing myself to review this one, but Tiny Death Star seems to be gaining popularity quite quickly. Now you might be aware that I have a real soft spot for anything pixelated and full of sprite-y goodness, but ill try not to let that affect the review. But let me dispense with the pleasantries, commander. I am here to put us back on schedule.

OK, so if you’ve ever played Tiny Tower, you’ll be familiar with how this game functions as a whole. But back before that, before the iOS craze, this whole tower thing started from MAXIS, with Sim Tower, which admittedly looks like uninspired boxes stacked on top of each other to form a rather large pile of mush. Tiny Tower and more importantly, Tiny Death Star, take this genre to the next level and provide a much more visually stimulating experience. Article Continues…

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All Aboard For Clash Of Zzzzzzzz…

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013 | Author:

Clash-of-Clans-for-PCAs much as my initial reaction to playing casual games is generally a cringing face, I went against my better judgment and decided to give it a go under the guidance of OWC Alan and OWC Dyllon and download Clash of Clans. Hope you got your coffee ready, I sure wish I did.

OK, so at its core, Clash of Clans is a game about building an army RTS style and then deploying those trips on PvE (player vs environment) missions, or PvP (player vs player) and destroying their bases and earning two types of resources. You have your Typical Gold, which is NOT used to hire people from your army, oddly enough. Your secondary resource is purple goo. Yep, you read that right. I half expected that I needed to collect it from sewers and plaster it all over the inside of the Statue of Liberty. Sadly, no. You use it to upgrade some things, build defenses, and hire troops. I’m not sure, maybe it’s me, but as a mercenary, I think I would prefer the gold to a cup of goo.

Article Continues…

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