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SSDs In High Demand

Monday, December 17th, 2012 | Author:

There’s no doubt that SSDs are a huge upgrade over platter-based hard drives in terms of overall performance they deliver to a system. As more and more users begin to discover the wide range of benefits to using flash storage from performance to reliability, demand has seen a significant spike.

More consumers seeing greater benefits from their storage is always a great thing. However, the issue is that seasonal sales increases, greater awareness of benefits by consumers, lower costs compared to HDDs since last year, and a tighter supply of NAND flash throughout the industry (Toshiba, for example, reduced their NAND production by 30% last July) have created delays for all SSD manufacturers.

When delays do happen, we at OWC will always do our best to keep pace and keep our popular line of SSDs in stock and our website up to date with ETAs on when you can expect your order to ship. As for current delays, it is expected that the overall SSD supply situation should be normal by the middle of January. However, many of our Mercury brand SSDs currently showing pending on the site should be in good supply starting middle of this week through next week.

Of course, we will be sure to keep you updated with any additional dates and more information as it becomes available.

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Instant Replay: OWC SSDs Scoring Leaders

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011 | Author:

Just wanted to write quick post to reaffirm some sentiments we touched on in an earlier post about OWC SSDs that make them the “scoring” leaders in the industry:

  1. They’re independent benchmark testing site performance leaders with no BSODs reported and have not been subjected to recalls like other brands. In fact, we’ve had customers experience BSOD with other brand SSDs, tried ours, and reported back no more operational issues.
  2. They were the first to be offered with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  3. They were the first…and still just one of two brands…that offer up to a five year warranty.

There’s a reason for those best in class attributes…we have the utmost confidence in our products and want you to have the same. Additionally, and more to the techie angle, while we may share the same firmware with other brands as provided by SandForce, we certainly design our own hardware and specify individual components as a true manufacturer. Often, it’s the painstaking attention to minute details that can make a major difference in overall reliability and performance.

Whether you prefer home runs, touchdowns, or slam dunks to define a score, there’s no doubt about it…OWC SSDs are the teammate you want for your computer to make it a winner.